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Prison Books Collective Resources

We send a resource guide along with all of our packages that includes information about where incarcerated persons can find support. Our zine catalog provides a list of printed materials we send. Our zines are short, printed works on topics such as self-help, prisoners’ rights, physical exercise, Black history, and LGBTQIA advocacy.

Support for the Incarcerated and Returning Citizens

We are only part of the solution to helping people survive and transition from the justice system. Below are organizations in North Carolina committed to help people affected by the long reach of mass incarceration.

  • DurhamCares, a Durham-based community support organization, maintains a list of local and national organizations responding to mass incarceration.

  • Jubilee Home is an organization in Durham that helps men transition from incarceration to independent living by providing housing, employment, and therapeutic services.

  • Decarcerate NC is an organization working to release people from the North Carolina carceral system, focusing especially on Black North Carolinians.

  • The Criminal Justice Resource Center in Durham provides a range of services for people who have been or are incarcerated, or have come into contact with the justice system.

  • The Capital Restorative Justice Project works with families and communities in Durham who have been affected by murder, faciliting the process of community-led restorative justice.

  • Southerners on New Ground (SONG) is leading a multi-issue southern justice movement that unites us across class, age, race, ability, gender, immigration status, and sexuality.

  • The Massachusetts-based Prison Books Program maintains a database of books-to-prisons organizations across the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Critical Prison Resources

It is our responsibility to educate ourselves about the incarceration system in the United States and its far-reaching effects.