COVID-19 Update: We are suspending guest volunteer visits for the time being. Please check our Facebook page for updates. Thanks, and be safe!

We send free books and zines to over a thousand incarcerated people in North Carolina and Alabama every year.

Our mission is to reduce the isolation of imprisonment and provide resources for people directly impacted by mass incarceration in the United States.

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Illustration of a bird receiving a letter from a prison.

We sent 1,073 packages to imprisoned people in 2020, working with a limited crew during the pandemic. Thank you to all who supported us! 📦 🕊

Volunteers showing off boxes of donated books.
Volunteers showing off boxes of donated books. All of the books in our space are generously donated by supporters.

Serving Incarcerated People

Each year we send over a thousand books and resources free of charge to people in prison who otherwise couldn’t afford them.

These materials provide education and life skills as well as joy, relief, and a sense of connection to the world. We have recipients who have been with us for years and hear from new ones every week.

Support Our Work

100% of our financial support comes from tax-deductible donations. Please consider making a donation to cover our postage expenses, or purchasing books or supplies from our regularly-updated wish lists. We also take paperback book donations of all kinds.

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch with us!

How you can help

Providing a Support Line

Imprisoned people are underserved in every way imaginable. We view our work as a small but necessary way of counteracting the injustices of the incarceration system. Our goal is to provide resources that help people during their imprisonment and as they prepare to transition back to society.

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A letter from a recipient expressing their thanks.
The most gratifying part of our work is the letters of thanks we receive from recipients.