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Durham, NC: Cop Shoots Self With His Own Gun In Stop, Then Charges Man With Assault

gunFrom Boots Riley of The Coup via Facebook

My 21 year-old cousin, Carlos Riley, Jr, was stopped by a cop in Durham, NC
mid morning on December 18th.

During the stop, the cop shouted expletives, physically attacked Carlos,
verbally threatened to kill him and attempted to draw his weapon to shoot
at my cousin.

While attempting to draw his weapon, the cop shot himself in the leg. This
is actually a common occurrence for police while drawing their weapons.

Fearing for his life, Carlos fled the scene in his car. According to the
police, at this point he also took the cop’s weapon and badge away from him
(If this happened, it was a smart move to make sure the cop didn’t shoot
him in the back). (more…)

“Gun Control” by sole, A Rumination on Mass Killings, Alienation and Capitalism

soleAudio link for “Gun Control” by anarchist hip-hop artist, sole

Before the tears that fell from The Presidents face hit the podium and the Us troops deployed to Turkish borders could learn to pronounce “Ahmadinejad ” everyone had an opinion on the Connecticut shooting. Celebrities and politicians all lined up, either to propose stricter gun laws or to say, “now is not the time to politicize.” Even as the details from the Aurora shooting continue to fill news pages and blogs after almost 3 months, Once again we are trapped in a 9600+ hour news cycle where we will be bludgeoned with every detail to emerge from the shooting as hack journalists pontificating back and forth on “how” but never look deeper then family/personal issues as to the “why.” (more…)

No Justice When Women Fight Back

By Vikki Law

What do a nineteen-year-old lesbian from New Jersey, a 23-year-old trans woman in Minneapolis and a 31-year-old mother in Florida have in common? All three were attacked, all three fought back and all three were arrested. All three are currently in prison while their attackers remain free. Oh, yes, and all three are black women.

Marissa Alexander is a 31-year-old mother of three. She is also a survivor of violence at the hands of her ex, Rico Gray. In 2009, Alexander obtained a restraining order against Gray. (more…)

New Jersey 4 prisoner Patreese Johnson transferred

From New York Anarchist Black Cross

New Jersey 4 self-defense prisoner Patreese Johnson was recently transferred. She also recently had a birthday. While this puts her about half an hour farther away, she was transferred to a minimum security prison. Please help her settle in to her new place by writing a letter or belated birthday card.

Patreese Johnson 07-G-0635

Beacon Correctional Facility

50 Camp Beacon Road

Post Office Box 780

Beacon, New York 12508-0780