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Durham: June 11th Solidarity Noise Demo Reportback


written by comrades

On Friday 13th, June 2014, around 8:00PM, an angry crowd of about sixty people converged on the Durham County Detention Center in downtown Durham for the June 11th international day of solidarity with long term anarchist eco-prisoners Marie Mason, Eric McDavid, and all others whom the state has imprisoned. The crowd brought banners bearing messages of solidarity with those inside, one even saying “We Are the Bad Luck” with a provocative image of a cop being kicked, drums, a variety of noisemakers, and a giant crow puppet which waved around visible to inmates, until it eventually blended in with the night sky, creating a witchy silhouette. Bandanas were brought along with “How to Do It” posters, which provided info about how to mask and bloc up properly in order to conceal one’s identity from police or random do-gooders who might be filming. Almost immediately, a pig tried to talk to us, but his unwelcomed chit-chat was stopped ultimately when people gathered around him and drove him away with loud, disruptive drumming.


Means to a Means (Reflections from the Northwest on the Anti-Prison Struggle)

adx-florence-4-244x300From pugetsoundanarchists.org

In August of 2012 voters in king county approved a tax levy to fund the construction of a new Juvenile Detention Center at 12th and Alder. Those in opposition to this re-build began to organize themselves amid a flurry of activity and conversation. In the end, some posters went up, an anarchist analysis of the new project was published in the local anarchist periodical, a few meetings happened, a few noise demos? and then nothing but the same old activist strategies, the same old campaigns.

Recently a call has been issued for the re-emergence of an anarchist response to the construction of the new jail. This is an effort to begin to ask ourselves why and how we would answer this call. It is not an attempt create a program for struggle or an outline for how conflict should play out, but to share a process of reflection with a broader group of anarchists in the Seattle area. The struggle against prison society is comprised of many on- going and specific battles against existing prisons and attempts to disrupt the building of new jails and detention centers. We seek to reflect on some of the ways that conflict against prison society has manifested in the past and to apply lessons learned in the Northwest and elsewhere to the context that is unfolding before us. This text is our humble contribution towards the development of an ongoing project of (self) critical analysis and attack. (more…)

Westville Updates: Victory and Repression

bridgeFrom RIFIFI Bloomington

Received and transmitted:

Saturday January 25

Please man the phones on Monday, January 27,2014. Westville Correctional Facility (SUPER-MAX Prison) is retaliating against the inmates who protested last week by refusing to give them heated cells. Inmates in the A-Pods of “Westville Control Unit” the (Super-Max) are being deprived of heat because they protested the sack lunch that had been served to them over the last nine months. The Blue setion, A7 & A8, Yellow setion 5&6 range along with the Alpha Pod are experiencing extremly cold temperatures.The policy of the facilty states that they cannot use tactics such as these to punish individuals for demanding the same treatment as all other inmates; HEAT!

To justify their actions, the prison has stated that there is a new engineer that does not know how to adjust the system up on the roof. In the meantime they have passed out an extra blanket and jacket to combat the freezing temperature. We are once again asking that you call the GOVERNOR’S OFFICE (Pence) at 317 232-4567 and demand that either the heat gets fixed or that they remove these individuals from these freezing cells and put them in a warmer section as the policy dictates under emergency procedure. Also call the Commissioner’s office (Lemmon) at 317 232-5711.

Together we can make a difference. (more…)

To Walk Out of the Church of Reconciliation: Reflections on Durham’s Third Anti-Police March, the Peculiar Alchemy of Skateboards and Flagpoles, and the Struggle as it Has Developed

marchjan19thFrom Anarchist News

by several anonymous participants

On the evening of Sunday, January 19th, the two-month anniversary of Chuy Huerta’s death, a crowd of around 150 gathered to express their grief, anger, and rage at the Durham Police Department. Like the previous two marches, the event was a kaleidoscope of faces, emotions, and desires. The sounds of skateboards on pavement mingled with the shouts of “Chuy Huerta, Presente!” Small paper signs were raised amongst massive black banners. The smell of road flares mixed with the sound of broken glass and hip hop blasting from a sound system built into an old shopping cart. After an hour or so of marching, the streets of Durham were littered with discarded black clothing as the crowd dispersed before a wall of riot police.

Some Background

On November 19th, 2013, Jesus “Chuy” Huerta was picked up by officer Samuel Duncan of the Durham Police Department after his family called the department looking for him. Instead of taking Chuy home as requested, the officer took him to headquarters for a minor trespassing warrant. Less than an hour later, Chuy was shot dead in the back of the patrol car. Reports both by DPD and the State Bureau of Investigation have ruled it a suicide, stating that Chuy had a gun that was not found during a search, and subsequently shot himself in the mouth with his hands cuffed behind his back. In the dramatic months following both Chuy’s death and the resulting street conflicts, the DPD has sought to corroborate this story by smearing Chuy as suicidal, drug-addicted, and involved in petty crime. This media tactic of criminalizing Chuy’s memory aims at de-valuing his life and obscuring the fact that had he been brought home rather than held in police custody, he would still be alive today. (more…)

Durham, NC: The Strangest Prayer Vigil We’ve Ever Seen

banner!  From Anarchist News

Thursday night, December 19th, marked the one-month anniversary of 17-year old Jesus “Chuy” Huerta’s death and the second demonstration in an ongoing and escalating battle with the Durham, NC police department. Catalyzed though certainly not contained by the mysterious death of Chuy while in police custody on November 19th, around 200 family members, friends, neighbors, and fed-up local residents converged at CCB plaza again to grieve and express their rage. Despite the fact that officers report they frisked Chuy before placing him in the vehicle and despite the fact that his hands were handcuffed behind his back, Chief of Police Lopez is still claiming that Chuy shot himself in the head while in the back of the squad car at Police Headquarters. (more…)

Reflections on Durham’s March for Chuey Huerta, November 2013

lEU6Z.AuSt.156From Anon Central

The report below is only a snapshot of what occurred on November 22nd. Our experience did not occur in isolation as a set of incommunicable facts and feelings. It is also not a historical narrative which swallows everything it does not crush. We hold out hope for some other form of thinking somewhere between the two.

“The police kill us youth, us young people, because they are afraid of us. They are afraid of the things we think and the things we know.” – one of Chuy’s friends, at the beginning of the event

On Tuesday, November 19th 2013, Jesus “Chuy” Huerta died of gunshot wounds to the chest and head in the back seat of a Durham police vehicle. While police reported that the 17 year old was in the back of the cop car because he had been arrested for trespassing, the presence of a gun – an impossibility according to normal search procedure – has yet to be explained. The circumstances surrounding Chuy’s death have been obscured. (more…)

Report back: June call in action for Oso Blanco

oso1From Denver Anarchist Black Cross

I want to thank you all for calling Florence USP, in Colorado. This unity has motivated Ms McDermott to relent and give me medical attention” -Oso Blanco

Greeting friends, comrades, and supporters,

The call in days went well! Oso Blanco says we all did an awesome job and he would like to thank everyone for their support. On June 12th, USP Florence-High was slammed with in-coming calls from all over the country! The phones started ringing first thing in the morning, and by afternoon the staff members were exhausted. Other’s who weren’t present on this day, returned to find their message boxes flooded.

Early the next morning, our comrade was taken from his cell and given another blood test, and round 2 of calls and emails rolled in. USP Florence-High with it’s already existing reputation of medical neglect, experienced, the strength of our solidarity. And they can no longer brush off Oso Blanco’s request for medical attention. Staff members confirmed to some callers that all our information is accurate, so whether intentional or not, they can no longer deny that he needs the care requested. So great job everyone!

He still has yet to receive an actual ultrasound, and still needs one, but has gotten something smaller and similar. Which he is very happy about and excited to see progress being made for the first time, since he arrived at Florence on January 9th 2013. He is also in need of a liver biopsy. At this moment we are waiting on updates. We’ll be sure to let everyone know the progress and any additional actions to be taken.

Reportback from a Visit with Dylan Sutherlin

dylanwithdog1We received this email from a supporter of the Tinley Park 5 and we wanted to share it with all of y’all. -IPBC

Last week several folx visited with Dylan for about 4 hours at Centralia

Dylan was in good spirits. He has greatly appreciated all the mail! When
he first got to Logan County Jail, he said there were several weeks in a
row that he got at least three letters a day, and people were saying, “Who
is this guy?!” He has received lots of letters from all over the world. He
hopes those overseas feel his sincere thanks, even as he is not able to
write back because the prison determines how much each letter sent outside
the country costs, and it’s too expensive.

Dylan said people at Centralia are friendly, and he mostly keeps to
himself. He told a story of his time in Logan County Jail when he first
got there. He said there are lots of Nazi’s at Logan. The grandson of one
of the “victims” was also in there and had orders to get revenge. But
Dylan quickly had friends in high places. The Lt General of some gang said
he was untouchable so the Nazi’s couldn’t get him. They offered $500 for
the gang to turn him over from their protection, but they wouldn’t. (more…)

FREE ALL MOTHERS! A Reportback from the Mother’s Day Noise Demo

IMG_1311On Mother’s Day, May 12th, between 50 and 75 people met up in Raleigh to show their solidarity with women at NCCIW and RCCW, two of the largest women’s facilities in the state. The demo was part of a national call-out initiated by the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective. Noise Demonstrations also happened outside prisons and jails in Bloomington IN, Pittsburgh PA, New York City and Muskegon MI. In Raleigh anti-prison activists, anarchists, Catholic Workers, and others, ranging in age from 5 to at least 70, banged on drums and pots and pans, carried signs and black flags, and lofted banners that read “Free All Mothers,” “ACAB,” and “Love for All Prison Rebels.” (more…)

Reportback From All Hands On Deck 2

OMG Packages!22 people showed up.

181 packages made.

The Daily Tar Heel covered the workday in their daily dose section.

We’ve been hovering between 3 and 2 and a half months behind since the last giant work day, but we are pleased to announce that our backlog has been reduced to 2 months behind. This is a big deal to all of the people on the inside waiting on packages from us, many of them in solitary. Thank you so much to everyone who came out.

If you wanted to make it to the work day, but couldn’t, there’s no need to worry. We have work days every Sunday and we can always use more help. If you can’t make the work days but would still like to support our project then one way to do it is by becoming a sustainer.