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Orange Is Not New, and Prison Is Not Our Best Color

maxresdefaultBlog editor’s note: better late than never

From the Monthly Review

by Susie Day

Twenty-five years ago, I, a hapless reporter on assignment, went to the DC Jail and met the woman who was to be my life’s partner.  I interviewed her about her political bombing case; we fell in love; I visited her in various prisons for 11 years; she was released; we’re now spending the rest of our lives working out our relationship, which has much to do with politics and everything with what she went through in prison.

Whatta story, right?  I haven’t written much about this because I’ve found it impossible to convey what prison did to us.  But when I read Piper Kerman‘s smart, funny, heart-grabbing Orange Is the New Black, chronicling her year behind bars, I thought, “Whoa, she gets this.”  Then I caught the Netflix series based on Kerman’s book.  I now suspect the most lethal thing you can do to the truth about prison is to bring it anywhere near the entertainment industry. (more…)