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BRING SELINA HOME! Pack the Courthouse!

selinaFrom Snitch Book

WHAT: Wear green to the courthouse to show your support for Selina Garcia, a 17 year old high school student who has spent over half a month in adult jail, faces homelessness, is likely to lose her shot at graduating and her access to the DSS scholarship that was one of her few chances at affording college, for allegedly breaking the student code of conduct.

Write letters of Support to Selina:

Selina Marie #148902
Wake County Detention Center
3301 Hammond Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610

WHEN: Thursday, March 27th at 9:00am

WHERE: Wake County Justice Center 300 S Salisbury Street

Read more: http://empoweryouthnc.org/selina-garcia-statement-this-most-stop/

Raleigh High School Student Held In Jail For 12 Days And Counting

SelinaFrom Youth Organizing Institute

Write Letters of Support To Selina:

Selina Marie #148902
Wake County Detention Center
3301 Hammond Rd, Raleigh, NC 27610

Raleigh – On March 7, 2014 Selina Garcia, a senior at Southeast Raleigh high school was suspended from school because of allegations that she committed level II infractions on a school bus – “physical aggression/fighting” and “class/activity disturbance.” Her administrator suspended her for 5 days, noting that there were lots of mitigating factors present, including prolonged and explicit harassment by the other student involved in the incident. However, the SRO at school decided that this wasn’t enough – said that she needed to “learn a lesson,” and so he arrested her and took her to jail. He made this determination despite the fact that she posed NO safety threat to the school environment.

The officer made the conscious choice to criminalize her. She wanted to focus on graduating this Spring, and needed to be in school to accomplish that goal none of that mattered to him – all that mattered was asserting his dominance and “teaching her a lesson”

“Jail isn’t going slow me down nor stop me. They think its going break me but I am still going on.” Said Selina in a letter written to NC HEAT “In here I am no longer Selina Marie Garcia. I am #34! Not a human being but a caged animal with the number (more…)

Raleigh: March Planned from School to Prison

flyer push back against pushoutsFrom NC H.E.A.T Event Page

Friday, October 4th @ 4pm

Meet @ Washington Elementary 1000 Fayetteville St. in Raleigh

March To Central Prison

As part of Dignity in School’s National Week of Action Against School Pushout, NC HEAT (Heroes Emerging Among Teens) and the Youth Organizing Institute are calling for a MARCH & SPEAK-OUT against the School-to-Prison pipeline.

This is the Second Annual march, led by NC HEAT members.

The march will start with a speak out at Washington Elementary in Raleigh (1000 Fayetteville St.) and proceed to Central Prison for a demonstration with music, drums and raised voices!…

Bring friends, signs and noisemakers, and WEAR YOUR BACKPACKS! Show up to push back against school pushouts! (more…)

Raleigh: March Planned from School to Prison

From NC H.E.A.T Event Page

On October 6th, NC HEAT is organizing a local day of action as part of Dignity In School’s National Week of Action against school push-out. Please join us at Washington GT Magnet Elementary School for a march to Central Prison at 4pm. This event is raising the issue of the school to prison pipeline and school push-out policies. (more…)