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Sat, Feb 23rd: The Internationalist Cabaret & Pie Auction


From Internationalist Books

Get ready for an evening filled with puppetry, dance, music, stand up, skits, a local pie auction, and more.  All proceeds of this volunteer-run benefit will go directly to Internationalist Bookstore & Community Center so that it can continue its work as an activist and social center dedicated to promoting progressive education and resources. Internationalist Books and Community Center has served Chapel Hill and Carrboro communities for over 30 years.  To show your continued support, come out to the Internationalist Cabaret on Saturday February 23rd at The Nighlight located at 405 1/2 W. Rosemary S.  The event begins at 9 p.m.  Entrance at the door is $5-15.

Bob Sheldon Day 2012 & Bob Sheldon Award Ceremony

Tuesday, February 21, old friends and new will be gathering at Internationalist Books to celebrate the life of Bob Sheldon, who continues to inspire countless people, even 21 years after his murder.

We will begin festivities around 7pm, there will be speakers sharing their Bob Sheldon stories with us. We will also be giving out this year’s Bob Sheldon award (to the Human Rights Center, or HRC). Vimala’s Curryblossom Cafe will be providing the food.

If you have a story that you would like to share with everyone, please let us know! (email us at ibooks@internationalistbooks.org) This event is all about Bob and his legacy, so the more people who come out to share, the better!

Thank you and we hope to see you all soon!

<3 and Rage,

Internationalist Books Co-managers, Volunteers and Board Members

Anarchist Bookfair This Weekend!

Carrboro’s second annual anarchist book fair will take place this Saturday, November 12. Prison books will be tabling there again this year. They now have
an updated schedule of events posted on their site  (on the schedule page), as
well as many more tablers confirmed. In addition to tabling throughout the day
on Saturday at the Nightlight, there will be workshops at Internationalist
Books (just down the street), a parade, and two assemblies the following day
at the Nightlight, as well as social activities at night. Go here

Ex Libris: a film about the Internationalist Prison Books Collective

One of our collective members made this 10 minute documentary on our group and we wanted to share it with all of y’all. Enjoy!

From the Description:

Ex Libris is a Latin phrase meaning “from the library of…” It is intended to be followed by someone’s name or the name of the library to which the book belongs. But standing alone, “Ex Libris” expresses the potential for literature to be nomadic, to shift between owners and for the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective, the physical exchange of books between those both inside and outside prison walls also means the sharing of a greater vision.

The people you will see featured are some of the group’s core and equal members who are supported by a rotating door of volunteers.

The Collective formed five years ago to send books to prisoners in Mississippi, Alabama, and North Carolina. This piece is a small sketch of what the Collective does and how it operates. It does not and cannot unfold the story of the prison industrial complex although the collective’s work is an effort against the PIC. For that reason, this video focuses on what these volunteers do and how much work is put into the project. The reasons why they do it are for you to research and explore.