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THIS BUILDING IS OURS! Chapel Hill Anarchists Occupy Downtown Building

From Trianarchy

In the midst of the first general strike to hit the US since 1946, a group of comrades occupied a vacant building in downtown Oakland, CA. Before being brutally evicted and attacked by cops, they taped up in the window a large banner declaring, “Occupy Everything…”


Last night, at about 8pm, a group of about 50 – 75 people occupied the 10,000 square foot Chrysler Building on the main street of downtown Chapel Hill. Notorious for having an owner who hates the city and has bad relations with the City Council, the giant building has sat empty for ten years. It is empty no longer. (more…)

Anarchist Bookfair This Weekend!

Carrboro’s second annual anarchist book fair will take place this Saturday, November 12. Prison books will be tabling there again this year. They now have
an updated schedule of events posted on their site  (on the schedule page), as
well as many more tablers confirmed. In addition to tabling throughout the day
on Saturday at the Nightlight, there will be workshops at Internationalist
Books (just down the street), a parade, and two assemblies the following day
at the Nightlight, as well as social activities at night. Go here

Chapel Hill News: Anarchists Take Root

(originally published in the Chapel Hill News)
CARRBORO – Pass any papered utility pole from Carrboro to downtown Chapel Hill, and you’ll see traces of their presence: The anarchists are everywhere.”You cannot avoid us. Even if you don’t like us, you know we’re there because our posters are [expletive] everywhere,” said self-proclaimed anarchist and Carrboro resident Neal Richards.Flip through a Merriam-Webster’s dictionary for the term “anarchist,” and you’ll find a person who rebels against authority. Delve deeper into the history of Anarchism and you’ll find a political philosophy far more complex than the idealistic, fringe group today’s anarchists are often dismissed as being.  (more…)