World Behind Bars: the expansion of the amerikan prison cell



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By Peter Gelderloos and Patrick Lincoln

This pamphlet is a great overview of the US prison system and its intersections with government, corporate media, and racism. The final section Breaking Down Walls: Anti-Prison Organizing and Movement Building has many useful suggestions for directions to move and ways to fight the Prison Industrial Complex.

“The US prison system is expanding rapidly, and more and more sectors of society are gearing themselves towards promoting the proliferation of prisons–and profiting off it. With the highest rate of incarceration in the world, we are being sold the idea that police and prisons are the solution to crime.

But an investigation of the prison system does not bear this belief up. Instead what we find is a criminal justice system that targets poor people, people of color, and the mentally ill; an invisible archipelago of prisons and jails that are systematically abusive and degrading; police forces that brutalize oppressed communities and perpetuate crime; mass media that glorify law enforcement, dehumanize people branded as criminals, and fan our paranoia of crime even as crime is decreasing; and a network of corporations that are profiting off the whole system and doing their best to make sure the prison cell keeps on selling.”

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