New Prison Books URL


We are having a very hard time getting our domain name released from our current host (Gaia Host), so we have purchased a new url:

Please bookmark our new website today! Our current host says he will keep hosting up through Sept 1, 2019, but is giving himself through Oct 1 to process domain transfer requests. So there’s a chance this website will go down on Sept 2, and we won’t be able to transfer it until later. It’s also possible that he’ll never release, and will simply shut down, in which case Wild West Domains (the company through which he’s a reseller) will take over our domain and will then be able to release it.

Bottom line: this website may go down for days, weeks, or even months. Or maybe we’ll luck out and we’ll get the transfer codes soon enough that it won’t go down.

But just in case, bookmark:

As it gets closer to Sept 1, we will likely be setting up redirects from this site to pages on our new site. So if you click on a page on our site, don’t worry if you end up on the equivalent page on!

Here’s a screenshot from our current host’s page:

2019-08-04 Screenshot