Action Alert –Prison Officials Denying Russell Maroon Shoatz Treatment for Prostate Cancer

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Action Alert –Prison Officials Denying Russell Maroon Shoatz Treatment for Prostate Cancer – Call Prison Today

Political prisoner and former Black Panther Russell Maroon Shoatz #AF3855 was informed that he had prostate cancer on December 9, 2014. Prison medical staff has not provided any treatment to date. Cancer does not wait for the prison bureaucracy. Maroon’s health, his life, and his rights are being violated every moment he is denied necessary cancer treatment.

Call SCI Graterford and PADOC Secretary Wetzel today and demand that Maroon be provided immediate, necessary medical care for his prostate cancer.


SCI Graterford Superintendent Michael Wenerowicz: 610-489-4151

SCI Graterford Chief Health Care Administrator Joseph Korszniak: 610-489-4151

PADOC Secretary John Wetzel: 717-728-4109

Please be firm and respectful when talking to prison staff.

Talking Points:

1) Russell Shoatz was informed that he has prostate cancer on December 9, 2014. He has not received any treatment to date.
2) The oncologist told him in December that the cancer was “aggressive” and that treatment should begin in January.
3) A urologist told him in January that he was going to receive radiation treatment.
4) There is no medical reason for a two-month delay prior to receiving necessary cancer treatment. Russell Shoatz needs immediate health care, and continued refusal to provide this is illegal, and puts his life at risk.

If you would like to write a letter in addition to a phone call please address and send to the following address:

Superintendent Michael Wenerowicz
PO Box 246
Graterford, PA 19426

Secretary Wetzel
1920 Technology Parkway
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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  1. prisonbookscollective

    The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (PADOC) medical contacted the Shoatz family on the morning of February 12th and informed them of the course and schedule of the treatments that Maroon is going to be receiving for his prostate cancer. The treatment is set to begin this week. The quick response by PADOC is due to the overwhelming number of phone calls they received from YOU.

    THANK YOU to all who answered the call and advocated for Maroon. At this time we are asking supporters to hold off on further phone calls and letters. Maroon’s family and legal counsel will be in communication with him to ensure that he begins receiving the treatment without any further delay.

    We cannot thank everybody enough. Hold off for now on further advocacy, but remain vigilant in the event that further action is required in the future

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