A Short Communique from Durham

ferguson-protest-durham-freeway-112514-jpgRe-posted from Anarchist News

On Tuesday night November 25th, a group of people enraged by the police murder of Mike-Mike Brown, and inspired by the rebellious acts that have spread across the country, vandalized the Durham National Guard Armory on Stadium Dr. Messages were painted on the front doors and over a dozen windows were smashed out.

The National Guard is now on the streets of St. Louis and Ferguson, continuing the racist cops’ war on behalf of the rich against the poor.

This act followed an exciting night of protest in downtown Durham, in which a diverse hundreds of people spoke out about their experiences at the hands of the police, blocked streets, set off fireworks, spray-painted buildings with anti-police and anti-prison messages, and blocked the northbound side of Highway 147.

We hope all of these acts contribute to a continued escalation in local, combative struggle against racism, capitalism, and the state.

For anarchy,


  1. ws

    It’s really the only way for them to be heard.

  2. curlyslilmama

    Our brothas, sistas and all who seek justice and true equal rights need to be heard. Time for a CHANGE, – however it comes. First, police should be lawfully equipped (military, correctional officers, police in any form) with body cameras and made accountable for their actions. Police officers need to be trained regarding African American (and all) cultures and how to react in any/all situations. It was not missed that there were 9 out of 12 grand jurors who both voted to acquit and were also Caucasian on the grand jury.

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