To Change Everything: Final Countdown

paracambiartodoFrom Crimethinc. via Kickstarter

The final hours of our fundraising campaign for To Change Everything are upon us. This is your last chance to help us get this project off the ground.

Since our last announcement, we’ve confirmed translations in several more languages and arranged a separate printing of the English version for the UK and Europe. Programmers from Oregon to São Paulo are coding the websites; collectives from Russia to Maharlika (the so-called Philippines) are finalizing their versions of the video and text. This project is going to be even more ambitious than we’d originally planned, spanning twenty groups in as many countries.

On our end of the organizing, the missing piece is that we have not yet raised enough money to produce a full-quality Spanish version for North America. We hope that in the remaining hours, enough last-minute donations will come in for us to finance this.

Thanks so much to all of you for making this project possible. If you’ve already donated, or can’t afford to, please just pass on word of this to others. We’ll be excited to put this at your disposal shortly!

Final Stretch Goal: Total Liberation

Any funds we raise over $22,000 will go directly into producing and distributing our print version of To Change Everything: sending copies to prisoner support groups and others that cannot afford postage, making posters and other materials to promote it, reprinting it when we run out of copies. All the participants in this project are working for free, so you can be sure you will get the best return on your donation with us.

But publishing and distributing this project—however freely and ambitiously—is a means, not an end. The important thing, the prize on which our eyes are always set, is the end of the systems of oppression that currently hold sway all around the globe. Writing, theory, even dialogue itself—these can only be as powerful as the context of action in which they occur. With this project, we pledge ourselves once more to do whatever it takes to give others reason to take these ideas seriously—to make it possible to envision and enact another way of living. Thank you for joining us in this undertaking. May we meet on the barricades of the next upheaval.