Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For October 2014 Is Now Available

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Hello Friends and Comrades,

1) Here is our super duper late political prisoner birthday poster for October. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own. This month’s poster honors the life and work of Loukaniko, the Greek riot dog, who died this month following health troubles that some people believe stemmed from their repeated exposure to tear gas.

2) CrimethInc. has a Kickstarter to print 100,000 free copies of their new booklet, introducing radical ideas and values to a broader audience.. To Change Everything is a full-color 48-page booklet. In fresh, accessible language, it explores the virtues of self-determination, illuminates why authoritarian power structures cannot resolve the crises they produce, and discusses how to weave our personal revolts together into a collective struggle for liberation. If you have any extra money, consider throwing some their way.

3) Political Prisoner Tom Manning is scheduled to see the US Parole Board in November. In a recent letter he asks that people write letters supporting his release on parole. He writes “so if folks can just write their own letters expressing each ones ideas rather than all of them sounding like they read a form letter – so that they put their own voice down on paper.”

Please write a letter to support Tom!

Your letter should reference:
Thomas Manning #10373-016

and be sent to:

U.S. Parole Commission
90 K Street, NE, Third Floor
Washington, D.C. 20530

Please make a copy and send it to:
Tom Manning 10373-016
FMC Butner
PO Box 1600
Butner, NC 27509

More info on Tom here.

4) Anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble is in solitary confinement for possibly up to a year. He is asking for support while he’s in segregation.  Please help by sending him radical newspapers, newsletters, magazines, letters, and stamps.

[Please do not send books, as only religious books are allowed into segregation at Holman; zines, newsletters, newspapers, and pamphlets are fine.] Literature, letters and stamps can be sent to Michael at the following address:

Michael Kimble
138017 / K-9
3700 Holman Unit
Atmore, AL 36503

An interview with Michael was featured on episode #24 of CrimethInc.’s Ex-Worker podcast. Click hereto download, subscribe, or read a transcript of the episode.

5) The 8th issue of Words of Fire, our semi-regular ‘zine of prisoners’ writings, drawings, poetry, and news is out. We have some amazing poems, essays and drawings! Our cover image was even a submission from a prisoner. We had more geographic diversity in our submissions this time. This issue includes submissions from as far away as California, as well as Mississippi, Florida, Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, and of course North Carolina.

6) In response to the uprisings in Ferguson, MO there has been a lot of talk from the corporate media and reformers about outfitting police with body cameras. Here is an article outlining a few of the many reasons this is a terrible direction to push in response to police murders and systematic White Supremacy. Feel free to use this as a resource to refute this demand, and send us any other articles you find critiquing this reform.

7) Be sure to check out the latest Political Prisoner/Prisoner Of  War every-other week update by the  NYC-Anarchist Black Cross. There are lots of important updates on many political prisoners.

Until Every Cage Is Empty,

Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective