Rally for Ferguson, Friday August 22nd at Post Office


A little over a week ago a cop in Ferguson, Missouri killed Michael Brown with his hands up, unarmed. What happened to Michael Brown happens everyday across America: police kill poor people and people of color with impunity. The only reason we even know Brown’s name is because of the protests and riots that ensued afterward. Everyone who could have been next decided it was better to risk their freedom together than simply hope they could survive the mortal lottery that is life under police rule.

Almost a year ago Jesus “Chuy” Huerta died in police custody, the fourth black or Latino man to die at the hands of law enforcement in Durham, NC that year. Three years ago Chapel Hill Police raided the non-violent occupation of the Yates Automotive Building on Franklin Street with military rifles drawn. What happened in Ferguson is not the result of one bad cop; everywhere police go they see enemies and protect property at the expense of human life. The best way we can resist police murder and violence is by standing up to them before it is too late, sending the message that any abuse will be met with resistance.

All out for a rally in support of everyone who is resisting in Ferguson, Missouri on Friday, August 22 at 8 PM at Peace and Justice Plaza (on the corner of Franklin and Henderson in downtown Chapel Hill, NC). Bring noisemakers, signs, and speeches.

Called for by The UNControllables