On the Alabama Prison Labor Strike: Repression of a Movement and It’s Aftermath

WMRWCCAerial1WebAs most readers of this newsletter know, in January 2014 prisoners in Alabama went on work strike. This work strike was called for by the Free Alabama Movement (FAM), and began on January 1st and ended on January 15th, 2014. The strike was ended because the message was given that our free world supporters (ACLU, the Ordinary People Society, etc.) were in negotiation with State legislators and that these same legislators had committed to addressing the issues put forth by FAM that prompted the strike.

Then on January 15th, a special session of the Alabama legislature was called that was supposed to address these issues, and the free world supporters asked that the strike be suspended until the end of the session. The FAM in turn asked the striking prisoners to stand down. On the 15th we suspended the strike and the legislators put our issues on the back burner until a later unknown date.

In response to the treachery of the legislators in not addressing our issues, the work strike was planned to resume on April 1st, 2014 but failed to do so. This was due to divisions amongst prisoners (GDs, Bloods, Crips, Muslims, individuals) as well as repression by prison officials, such as placing influential and well-known prisoners among the gangs and Muslims in segregation, threatening prisoners with violence, spreading false rumors that FAM members were going to knife anyone that went to work, snitch jacketing, designating FAM and its members and supporters as a Security Threat GROUP (STG) and labeling them as terrorists with the intention of causing them to be denied parole. COINTELPRO tactics that proved quite effective.

Most prisoners that were instrumental in organizing the strike here at Holman were simply terrified and refused to continue to organize, thereby killing any chances of resuming the strike. Organizers James Pleasant, Robert Council, and Abdullah Sabir continue to remain in segregation.

Anyone reading this who hates repression can show their solidarity by calling Kim Thomas, Commissioner at 334 353 3883 and Warden Myers of Holman to demand that these prisoners be released from segregation and back into general population.

Until all are free!

Michael Kimble 138017

3700 Holman Unit

Atmore, AL 36503

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