A Brotherhood of Many: New Prisoners’ Group Emerges at Tabor CI

centralNORTH CAROLINA- A new organization of conscious prisoners has kickstarted in North Carolina. An organizer from Tabor CI released the following statement:

The ‘Brotherhood’ is an organization and movement of revolutionary and conscious men and women who undergo oppression, racism, injustices, and inequality by the government and people of this society. Our duty is to try and uplift humanity by giving the people knowledge and understanding of the laws and systems that govern this capitalist-imperialist country, a history of who we are and what we have been through, as well as of civil rights, politics, and economics, so we can become intellectually inclined and conscious of what’s going on.

We’re also trying to promote equality amongst each other in society and the prison system, and unite to destroy these razor-wire plantations, because not only is the penitentiary system a modern day system of slavery, but also a slaughter house where we are lynched and treated inhumanely by these racist and biased pigs who work to oppress us each and every day. We’re tired of seeing our brothers (i.e. black, white, latino, and native american) receive not a drop of justice and be treated unfairly by the uncivilized people of this country.

We believe that unity amongst each other, where it be race or class, can allow us to stand up and fight the powers that be and create freedom, justice, and equality amongst all people of this country. Our main focus is trying to reach out to the youth to teach and enlighten them on the inconsistencies of society and prevent them from falling victim to these streets and spells of the government. The youth who are aware of reality can possibly help things in the future and become immune to the diseases that the government has plagued our people with, and cure those who suffer in society with the symptoms of racism, injustice, oppression, and inequality. Power resides with the people, with unity change can occur. Love, peace, and happiness are keys to free us from the chains that weigh us down.