Statement and Update from Recently Released ELF Prisoner Steve Murphy

steve1by Steve Murphy / Earth First! Newswire

I am home now. Thank you all for the years of love and support.

Fracking is still poisoning our ground and water. Even the “liberal” media still won’t talk about the spills—another one just happened. They won’t talk about the spills because both sides, Corporate News Network, messnbc, Fox all have too much to lose by calling out their investors—BP! The recent mudslide in Washington happened as a direct result of the vast deforestation still going on after the slide in the tops of those mountains. The CEOs and shareholders don’t give a fuck.

I was playing the role of mainstream blah at one point in my life many, many years ago—in a galaxy far, far away—and my studies at university taught me that SEC and GAAP law make a public corporations first responsibility their own bottomline to their investors.

We have to keep telling the truth because they won’t.

Love and Solidarity!


Steve is finally free (released 02-25-2014) after 5 years in prison and a halfway house for an attempted ELF arson on a town house construction site in Pasadena in 2006.  He is currently collecting seeds to start an organic garden. Support him through his welcome home gift registry.