Army of the 12 Monkeys Follow-up Public Statement from Monkey #9

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In response to YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE: A Call for Free-World Organizing of the Army of the 12 Monkeys posted on 2-12-14

First, I’d like to say thanks for the comments on my article posted on 2/12/14.…

But i’d like to clarify a few points.

The articles and stories about the A12M activities from September 2012 to near August 2013 are well documented at, as well as in Earth First Magazine – Spring 2013 p10; and Fireworks News – May 2013 issue 1 p5;; and PAN – Fall 2013.…

One person said that our tactics are common occurences in prison. Though some of our smaller acts may be done by others, past and present, the scale on which we – overall – attacked the prisons in Ohio has never been seen before. Since, Mr/Ms. “just unconfirmed rumors” has obviously read our manuals, I would suggest not trying to undermine the small things which lead to the bigger picture. If our tactics are nothing more than copycat acts of vandalism, then why was I quesitoned by the Ohio Sate Highway Patrol in regards to threats made on Ohio Representatives? Why was my mother and sister threatened with FBI investigation? And why, after those accused undoubtably proved all the DDRC evidence bogus did four people – 1 of which with no connection to A12M, still end up in maximum security? Because, the couldn’t allow “rioters” or “riot encouragers” to walk, and railroading us on encouraging a riot was better than admitting to the media that they lost ontrol of the inmate population in 2 prisons (ManCI and Lake Erie). Was the violence at LECI prisoner on prisoner – yes. But that was the outcom of poor organizing. The A12M attempted a coup on the staff which resulted in two prison gangs fighting for the “right to rule”. The A12M materials found after the riot clearly confirms A12M involvement. Not to mention that I personally put out a call for an uprising at multiple prisons which resulted in LECI’s riot – confirmed in a return letter to me, and resulted in the multi-prison shackdowns across the state.

As for John Nester, whoever he is, he’s obviously never experienced the cruelty of prison – personally or through loved ones. I agree with Mr/Ms “Incorrect” your entire premise is wrong and therefore your conclusion is wrong. Do you have any idea, first of all, what prisoners are put through? Imagine being locked in a call with no clothes or bedding, temperature at 50 degrees or less. In late 2012 – early 2013 two prisoners died at ManCI in just such a cell! We call these torture cells. Or imagine having guards hold you down while another shoves a can of fox pepper spray up your asshole and pull the trigger. That happened to a prisoner at ManCI in 2011! Imagine working a job for 56.5 cents per day, $17.00 a month, that people in society get paid $10.00 an hour for. Because that happens across the entire country! So don’t you dare give me that shit about some people deserving to be modern day slaves in prison. You sound to me like one of those traitors that turned on the Occupy movement years ago and gave the media help discrediting the radicals that were fighting for your very fucking rights. So do me and everyone a favor you damn armchair anarchist, sit back down and let the real revolutionaries finish their job without your two bit comments of unintelligent speech!

To “that’s for me T…”, thanks for the support and yes you’re right. The A12M has a no surrender policy. Examples of “surrender and suffer” are enormous throughout the world. For anyone not familiar with what happened at ManCI in SMU 4 (segregation) on July 4th 2013 you need to read “Days of tear gas, Blood, and Vomit” by Sean Swain, posted online. I’ve never been prouder to call two people my friends. NO SURRENDER!! I just wish i could have been there.

Did these things really happen? You decide. What makes more sense that four prisoners were sent to maximum security for clogging drains and flooding cell blocks, or that four prisoners were put in 23 hour lockdown for organizing a coup at two prisons – one of which ended because of an inmate snitch inside the administration staff’s offices, and one which ended in a prison riot. Has anyone asked themselves “If this is all falst, why did all the major administration and ManCI either get fired or demoted during the 12 months that all this was happening? If all this is false, why were they trying to obstruct our communications with the outside in an attempt to stop our stories from getting out? If all this is false, why would they “snitch jacket” the main player in the uprising – me, and threaten my family with FBI investigation for domestic terrorism? Which by the way backfired when I testified on the behalf of Sean and Blackjack and implicated ManCI investigator Angela Hunsinger.

I have to say that I’m so sick of all these loud mouths that question what the real anarchists do. Maybe if they got off their lazy, scared asses once in a while and participated in something other than online “talking” they’d see first hand what we radicals fight for and why. Stay out of the warriors path or you’ll get trampled. And personally, I wouldn’t feel one ounce of remorse for doing so.

Remember, this is a war, one started by the capitalist bastards seeking control, and wars are messy. One day I hope they aren’t necessary, but that day isn’t today!

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, so my chldren may have peace” – Thomas Paine

“Those who have a vested interest in the political and economical status quo continually present us with false choices, that is, with choices which preserve their power (“Vote Democrat!/Vote Republican! – “But Vote!”). We are constantly being asked to choose sides in false conflicts. Governments, corporations, political parties, and propagandists of all kinds constantly present us with “choices” that are no choice at all. We are given the illusion of choice, but as long as those in power control what our “choices” will be (choices which we preceive as the only alternatives to us), they will also control the outcome of our decisions.” – The Revolutionary Pleasure of Thinking For Yourself

Read the manuals, apply the tactics to your lives, stop surrendering to the status quo of life.

We are everywhere! We are growing!
YOU are the resistance!

Stay Solid! Stay Strong!
Monkey #9, A12M

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