DURHAM: An update on tazing incident of January 13th

DurhamcopsBy Alex Dober

Anthony Peaks, 24, was tazed 3-4 times on January 13th, 2014, by Durham Police for throwing a bottle at a police vehicle.

Anthony Peaks was involved in another police brutality incident in May 2009, when State Trooper R.K. Clay pulled him over for a minor traffic violation. Trooper Clay then shot Peaks multiple times, resulting in him being taken to Duke Hospital, where his life was saved.

This incident appears to have been the motivation for Peaks to have retaliated against the police on January 13th, although that is far from certain.

Durham Police have stated that Anthony was charged with Resist/Delay/Obstruct, Littering, and Assault on a Government official, but that he has not been arrested or jailed at this time. They have not responded to inquiry into Peaks’ state of heath or if he survived the tazing. Police have also called a fellow concerned citizen and demanded information about our investigation into the incident, indicating that the Police appear to consider this case sensitive.

According to Police/EMS communications on the night of the incident, Peaks suffered from “excited delirium” a frequently questioned medical condition that has been alleged to be a smokescreen for the effects of a tazing. EMS onsite were also overheard stating that Anthony was unconscious before being loaded into an ambulance.

Citizens are following up several leads and will make public information as soon as we get it.