Call-in Campaign for Pelican Bay, Herman Wallace and Mumia! We Need all Hands on Deck!

I-stand-with-CA-prisoner-hunger-strikeFrom Denver Anarchist Black Cross

I’m sure most of yall who frequent our blog know about what is happening in Pelican Bay.
It is being regarded as the largest prison strike in history, and it is that and so much more. But what can rad folks do on the outside to help support our sisters and brothers in the belly? Right now a massive call-in campaign is currently underway to put pressure on the State to concede to the prisoner’s demands (which can be found here).
On the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity blog, there are several numbers. Some comrades have let us know only one of them actually gets us to a real live person.

That number is:

This is the Governor’s number. They will ask you to dial an extension, so hit 6 and you’ll get to someone in their office. Below is an example of a script to work with.

Hi there I’m calling in regard to a prisoner named Gary Roberts, #388-551, whom I was informed is on a hunger strike right now. I’m calling to strongly encourage you to grant his medical attention and a reduction in security level. As someone who holds responsibility for prisoner rights I trust that this issue will be quickly resolved. Thank you and goodbye.

If you aren’t feelin that one, try this one!

I’m calling in support of the prisoners on hunger strike. The
governor has the power to stop the torture of solitary confinement. I
urge the governor to compel the CDCR to enter into negotiations to
end the strike. RIGHT NOW is their chance to enter into clear,
honest negotiations with the strikers to end the torture.

“Many Americans believe that the dehumanization of incarcerated individuals has nothing to do with them. But the system affects all of us, as many of our families are devastated by the epidemic of mass incarceration.” – Boyce D. Watkins

hermanNow Herman Wallace is in dire need of support right now, and is certainly getting less attention than Pelican Bay Hunger Strikers. Currently, Herman Wallace who is terminally ill, is in a prison hospital in a 10-bunk dorm, with access to a day room, and won’t have to wear leg irons. His phone privileges are to return next week. There is no mention of any compassionate release. The move came after both Amnesty International and a group of U.S. Congressmen condemned Louisiana’s treatment of Wallace.

In response to the tragic news that Herman Wallace is terminally ill with cancer, Amnesty International has launched a campaign calling for Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to immediately release Herman on humanitarian grounds. Here is the link to Amnesty International’s petition

Please call Bobby Jindal – Governor of Louisiana @ 225-342-0991
Paul Rainwater – Chief of Staff: (225) 342-7000

(May have to press 1 for english, 2 for spanish) If they ask for name and residency (zip code etc) get a Louisiana address (if you don’t have one) before calling… These pricks are more likely to listen to their locals than anyone else.

Sample Script:
Hello, I am calling because 71 year old Herman Wallace is being held in isolation in the infirmary in Hunt Correctional Center. After spending more than four decades held in cruel and unusual solitary confinement, he has been diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. I am demanding that you release Herman to his family on humanitarian grounds, so that they can care for him during his last months on earth.

Contrary to requirements under both international human rights law and the US Constitution, Herman has had no meaningful review of his continued isolation. Herman’s prison records do not demonstrate that he is a threat to the security of the institution, himself or others. Furthermore, there are substantial concerns about the fairness of the legal process that resulted in Herman’s conviction; a conviction that is still being challenged before the courts today. Evidence suggests that the decision to keep him in solitary is based at least in part on his political activism and association with the Black Panther party.

Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox are believed to have spent more time in solitary confinement than virtually any other US prisoner in recent history. Now, after surviving 41 years of a nightmare, Herman doesn’t have much time left. Please release Herman to his family today!

mumia-raised-fist-001-editedAre you still with us? Awesome! One last call to make. Mumia Abu Jamal.

PA Department of Corrections Harassment of Mumia: Mumia Denied Phone Calls for Two Weeks; Refused Contact Visits with his Son, Jamal Hart

As of right now, the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections cut-off Mumia’s phone calls for two weeks. On June 27, Mumia called his wife, Wadiya Jamal, and told her he was “written up” for a phone interview with Philadelphia attorney Michael Coard, on his WURD program, “Radio Courtroom” and didn’t know when he would be able to call next. The next day, Mumia’s phone calls were stopped for two weeks.

This is the first time since 1995 with the infamous Department of Corrrection (DOC) attempt to stop Mumia’s radio commentaries and punish him for the publication of his book, Live From Death Row, that Mumia received *any* prison disciplinary action.

Punishing Mumia for his speech and writing was found unconstitutional by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, as a violation of his First Amendment right to freedom of speech. See, Abu-Jamal v. Price, 154 F3d 122 (3rd Circ. 1998).

In another act of harassment, the DOC refuses to process contact visitation between Mumia and his son, Jamal Hart. In August 2012, Hart had a 4-hour contact visit without incident with his father, the first contact visit between father and son in thirty years. But the DOC is refusing to grant additional contact visits.

We are asking yall to Call-in, Write, Email and fax the central offices of the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections:

John E. Wetzel, Secretary, PA Department of Corrections: (717) 728-2573

write-in / Fax: (717) 728-0312;


Demand: “Stop the Harassment of Mumia Abu-Jamal. Reinstate Mumia’s phone privileges. Grant contact visitation to Mumia’s son, Jamal Hart.” There are reports of somewhat hostile attitudes from the receiving end of these calls, so be prepared for that. If you’d like, emphasize previous law suits (mentioned above) and threaten a new one!

They are attacking Mumia and are effectively isolating him from his family and supporters! We can’t let them do this.

This harassment and restrictions of Mumia’s rights to speech and communication and his human right to have contact with his family must be fought – immediately and loudly.

The state was defeated in its three decades long vendetta to “legally lynch” Mumia. But the state has not stopped in trying to silence him. In general population since January 26, 2012, Mumia has continued recording his incisive indictments of U.S. imperialism. His journalism and political commitment since his youth is publicized in the acclaimed new film, Long Distance Revolutionary. His innocence and frame-up conviction is exposed in the new short film Manufacturing Guilt.

Mumia will not be silenced. We will not tolerate him being harassed. We need to fight to keep his voice in the public and to have contact with his family. We need to insure Mumia has contact visitation with his family.

For More Information: contact Rachel Wolkenstein, Esq., (917) 689-4009