July 8 Prisoner Hunger and Work Strike Call Out

LuckywebFrom PugetSoundAnarchists.org

Starting on July 8th prisoners in California will initiate statewide hunger strikes for those in the segregation units (Security Housing Units and Administrative Segregation) and work stoppages for those in general population. Prisoners in the Green Hill Juvenile prison in Chehalis Washington have stated they will join the strike and have released their own demands. It is important to remember that prisons cannot function for long without the labor of prisoners.

Outside support groups for these strikes have been organized in San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, Sacramento, Portland, and Seattle.

A demonstration at the King County Jail (5th and James) at Noon on Monday, July 8th has been called for by a local Seattle group named free us all created to support the strikers. The actual purpose of this demonstration is to communicate to the prisoners of Washington and California solidarity with their struggles, noise is encouraged.

Whether you show up at at the King County Jail or not, July 8 is a chance for individuals or crews to take direct action in any way they see fit, that is to say autonomous action is welcome from educational actions to direct actions, as long as you don’t claim to represent others.

Art from several of the prisoners can be seen at pugetsoundanarchists.org