Reportback from a Visit with Dylan Sutherlin

dylanwithdog1We received this email from a supporter of the Tinley Park 5 and we wanted to share it with all of y’all. -IPBC

Last week several folx visited with Dylan for about 4 hours at Centralia

Dylan was in good spirits. He has greatly appreciated all the mail! When
he first got to Logan County Jail, he said there were several weeks in a
row that he got at least three letters a day, and people were saying, “Who
is this guy?!” He has received lots of letters from all over the world. He
hopes those overseas feel his sincere thanks, even as he is not able to
write back because the prison determines how much each letter sent outside
the country costs, and it’s too expensive.

Dylan said people at Centralia are friendly, and he mostly keeps to
himself. He told a story of his time in Logan County Jail when he first
got there. He said there are lots of Nazi’s at Logan. The grandson of one
of the “victims” was also in there and had orders to get revenge. But
Dylan quickly had friends in high places. The Lt General of some gang said
he was untouchable so the Nazi’s couldn’t get him. They offered $500 for
the gang to turn him over from their protection, but they wouldn’t.

Dylan gets to talk to both his dad and his mom at least once a month. He
has written the warden about being able to write to his brothers in other
prisons because his understanding is that family members can write each
other, but maybe not because they are also co-defendents. He has not heard
anything back from the warden after writing three times, and recently had
trouble getting in touch with his lawyer.

This month Dylan ran out of commissary. He had received two books, ‘The
ABC’s of Anarchy’ and ‘Green Rage’, but the prison rejected them as
“security threats”. The prison said he had to pay to return them or they’d
be destroyed, and so they had to be destroyed. He said he doesn’t read too
often, but he received V for Vendetta and enjoyed it. He’d like to receive
the 5th and 6th Game of Thrones books. They must be paperback.

He is on a wait list for college courses, which will help to shorten his
sentence, and so he is hoping to get in soon, but he has no knowledge of
where his name is on the list.

Dylan loves visits and is allowed way more visits than he’s getting.
Anyone interested in visiting can write to Dylan and include their full
legal name, address listed on their ID, age, race, gender and birthday
and ask him to add you to his visitation list. For more info about
visiting you can call the prison visitation department and ask them