Contest: Because Security Cameras Won’t Destroy Themselves

contesaFrom Earth First! Newswire

from the contest announcement poster:

First Annual Security Cam Hunting Contest

Because Surveillance Cameras Will Not Destroy Themselves

(click here for printable pdf of poster)

To Enter: Study the terrain of your home city, town or nearby industrial or shopping complex, create a series of well thought out plans (with a series of plan Bs and Cs to evade detection), gather your materials, mask up, avoid working with those you don’t have a strong relationship with, smash and disable surveillance cameras.

To Win : When surveillance apparatus are crippled we all win. However, in the spirit of struggle and fun, the infamous underground collective title (think Invisibility Liberation Front) or the region, city or town to boast the most destruction in U.S. dollars (which will be tallied from media sources following Jan. 1 2014) will be declared the winner of the first annual cam hunting contest. Of course, the first to smash a drone cam will win by default, unless two or more groups can claim a drone and in that case the contest reverts to capital losses.