All I Want For…. Is An End To The Prison Industrial Complex

christmas-in-jail-278x300Dear Friends, Family, and Comrades,

For the last seven years, the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective has sent thousands of books and resource guides into prisons in the South, as well as published prisoners’ stories, essays, and artwork. In many of these prisons there are no libraries, and those that do exist are drastically inadequate. Little to no educational or rehabilitative opportunities exist. We provide these resources to enable prisoners to self-educate, self-organize, and challenge the roots of their conditions.

Our group is entirely volunteer-run and subsists week to week on the donations of supporters. To be able continue this work, we started a fundraising initiative called the monthly sustainer program. Supporters can now sign up at our website to have a small sum securely and automatically deducted from their bank account or credit card each month. Justfive dollars or ten dollars a month can send over a hundred more books into prison each year. Every single dollar received from sustainers goes to mailing packages of books in to prisoners.

For this holiday season, please consider signing yourself as a monthly sustainer, or asking a relative or loved one to sign up on your behalf as a gift. Become a lifeline for literacy and hope in North Carolina prisoners. Become a sustainer. You can sign up to be a sustainer or make a one time donation by going to our website:

In Solidarity,

the Chapel Hill Prison Books Collective

Prison Books Collective

405 W. Franklin St.

Chapel Hill, NC 27516


  1. APOC Love

    Greetings-is there going to be a political prisoners birthday poster for this month? There’s at least one, please re-post this:

    We just started a prisoner writing group in Joliet, IL yesterday! I hoped for the first event to be a political prisoners birthday party since it’s such a good model. Four other people showed up and we made a card for Alex and wrote some of his co-defendants, the NATO 5 and sent a belated birthday letter to Ed Poindexter from last month since I’ve been corresponding with his co-defendant, Mondo, since his birthday last year.

    We’re going to start meeting weekly and hopefully the events will continue to grow. Thanks for the great work you all do!

  2. prisonbookscollective

    Should be out by the end of the night. Sorry for the delay!

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