Call-In Day to Prevent Sean’s Transfer to Supermax Friday, November 23rd


A group of prison bureaucrats calling themselves the “Status Review Committee” will convene either this Friday or next Friday to determine whether or not to transfer Sean to the supermax prison in Youngstown, OH. We are asking friends and supporters to please call the prison on Friday morning (November 23rd) to implore them not to transfer Sean to supermax.

If transfered to supermax (called the Ohio State Penitentiary) Sean will live in a segregation cell for 23 hours a day, receive an hour of “rec” a day in a dog kennel, will no longer have contact visits and will have almost no physical human contact at all, potentially for the rest of his life. Although being in Mansfield is horrible as it is, this transfer would be a significant reduction in Sean’s quality of life.

Before the recent allegations associated with the sabotage campaign carried out by the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, Sean was scheduled for a reduction in security status and a transfer to Marion Correctional Facility. We are asking the prison to proceed with this scheduled transfer.

Please call Kenneth Black at Mansfield Correctional Institution:

419-525-4455 ext 806-4300 (the voicemail still says Tom King because they haven’t updated it yet, but it’s the right number). Please leave a message if he doesn’t pick up.

Say you are calling in regard to Sean Swain, number 243-205

Please call on Friday Morning, Eastern Standard Time.


Talking points:

-There is no evidence whatsoever that Sean violated any prison rules.

-Sean is being punished for his legitimate political beliefs and expressing those through his published writings.

-Sean is in no way a security risk, as his model conduct reports have shown over the course of more than 20 years of incarceration. He is not a threat to the smooth functioning of the facility.

-We are concerned about Sean’s mental and physical health if he is transferred to a supermax facility.

-Sean’s security level should be dropped and h should be transferred to Marion Correctional Facility as scheduled.