Support Sean Swain

From Sean Swain

Sean Swain is still under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and the FBI for alleged involvement in “The Army of the 12 Monkeys” a group that allegedly committed acts of sabotage and vandalism inside ManCI. On September 19th, Swain was put in a suicide cell for 5 days, denied heat, bedding, and normal clothes. They knew he was not suicidal, they were trying to break him. He refused food for the first two days, and after 5 was transferred to administrative segregation. Two other prisoners have been transferred to Seg as well. No charges have been made against any of the three. According to the prison rules, when someone is transferred to seg for the purpose of investigation, they must be charged within 21 days, or returned to general population. It’s been more than 21 days.

While in segregation, Sean has been denied access to writing and reading materials, mail sent to him and received from him has been very delayed. He has sold his meals to get envelopes and pens to send us a few messages. He is okay, angry but energetic, as always. We have decided not to post these messages, on the advice of Sean’s lawyer. Apparently the Ohio State Highway Patrol is looking to expand their investigation to people on the outside, thinking that Sean can somehow connect the 12 Monkeys with the hacker group Anonymous. Even though there is nothing incriminating in these letters, Sean’s lawyer has advised us against posting them until the investigation is over.

In the meantime, we still support Sean and believe he has a right to be angry about his treatment and his legal situation. We believe that this investigation is really retaliation against Sean’s speaking out against JPay and the parole board. We need help in this support. We’re asking people to write letters or make calls to the Warden, the OSHP and the ODRC with the following demands:

1. That Sean be returned to general population and the inconclusive investigation called off.
2. That they immediately give Sean our many letters, including the extra paper and stamps (embossed envelopes) we have sent.
3. That they give him the books we had sent from publishers to him, which have been denied on frivolous grounds.
4. That they give him the same access to commissary as anyone in ad seg.
5. That there be no further retaliation against Sean for his writings, his grievances, or his attempts to remedy the mistreatment by the parole board.

You can also write him lots of letters, especially with fun stuff to read and extra paper and envelopes.

(614) 752-1159

770 West Broad Street
Columbus, Ohio 43222

(419) 525-4455

P. O. Box 788
1150 North Main Street
Mansfield, Ohio 44901

Warden Terry Tibbals
Ad Seg CO Lt Lynch

1-877-772-8765 (ask to be transferred to ‘investigations’)

Ohio State Highway Patrol
P.O. Box 182074
Columbus, Ohio 43223