Gender Anarky prisoners end hunger strike with news of retaliatory transfers of the prisoners

From Gender Anarky

A press release we received from Amazon and Cat today announced the end of the Gender Anarky hunger strike at R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility:

Prison’s latest move changes battleground

the transsexual hunger strike at the r.j. donovan prison in california that was the initiative of gender anarky has ended.  the two girls on strike, amazon and cat, are now eating.

the change in the battlefield came as the prison moved to transfer both girls.  at this, a tactical decision was made to end the strike and shift tactics.  it would have been futile to oppose the transfers, as prison rules and courts give great discretion to prisoncrats in matters of transfers.  it also gives them leeway to act tyrannically with transfer to disrupt and retaliation against in-prison activism.  the girls are known to be radicals who struggle for transsexual medicine and human rights.  they are also aware that cat and amazon are partnerss, lovers, and resent it.  so by transferring the girls out they got rid of radicalism and lesbianism in a single stroke.  the transfer hearings were a sham and a farce, typical kangaroo court, as prisons everywhere are notorious for.  but it will not deter the girls in their insurrection against prisons, government, and civilization.  the girls have accepted that they will be separated soon, for how long they are not sure.  it could be one or two or more years that they end up on the same yard together again.  amazon is a lifer with some years to go, cat will be getting out in about eight years.  but they also keep uppermost that the insurrection is not about individuals but about masses of people.  they will mourn when they are separated, while continuing to sharpen their weapons of resistance to the tyranny of government and prisons, they the civilization that spawned them, utterly degenerate and putrid to the core and deserving not an iota less of merciless destruction.  wherever they are sent, the girls will continue on the path of anarkist insurrection, spreading the word, and always recruiting.

amazon and cat send their affectionate love and admiration to all who resist civilization, and a special embrace to all those who sent letters and cards and zeens during the hunger strike and so much love and support, letting them know that they were not alone.  your concern for them is matched with theirs for you.

to be sure, the girls continue to conspire and hopefully can maneuver themselves back together.  the details of this cannot be revealed publicly lest the enemy know.  but for the purpose of this communique the hunger strike is hereby terminated.

messages about the developing situation with amazon and cat will be posted in future press releases.

**the prison has begun to harrass our mail from supporters.  a letter from [a comrade] in oakland was marked ‘return to sender’ by the pig in the housing block and sent back to the mailroom for no noted reason.  but the mailroom sent it back to the block again and it was only after a comment to cat by another pig that cat was able to track it down and get it.  if anyone gets mail you sent us marked ‘rts’ simply resend it.  these kinds of things are a typical fuck-with-them ploy on the part of the prison department’s counter-insurgency.  it will fail.

love and hugs to all,

amazon and cat”