Rally Against the Electoral Farce!

From Occupy Chapel Hill Event PageWHEN: Starts at 5 PM Saturday, October 13th (the first anniversary of Occupy Chapel Hill)

WHERE: Peace and Justice Plaza, Chapel Hill, NC

Anyone who wants to change their world directly, instead of through the narrow choices and occasional elections of democracy
Anyone who doesn’t trust another batch of politicians to fix the mess that the last batch of politicians started
Anyone let down by Obama’s false hope
Anyone sick of choosing a “lesser” evil
Anyone who knows politicians just serve the rich

The November election is coming. It doesn’t matter. The amount of issues Obama and Romney differ on is nothing compared to what they agree on: unparalleled military domination; a growing prison system, the largest in the world, whose racist policies maintain the white supremacy this country was founded on; earth destroying resource extraction; a capitalist economy that rewards ruthless competition without concern for human cost. Under Bush, the nascent Obama generation could imagine that a new personality in the White House could change the problems the last politician piloted us into. And a new politician realized the shifting calculus, promising us false hope and false change. But after the failure of that experiment, we can be sure that the problem isn’t personal, it is systemic. No matter who comes along, voting will never get us out from under our rulers.

This country is obsessed with voting to an unhealthy degree. Most people don’t even vote, but it seems to be the only way anyone can think of changing their world. But voting is not an expression of our power; it only demonstrates our powerlessness: it is an admission that we can only approach the resources and capabilities of our own society through the mediation of an elite, ruling class. When we let candidates prefabricate options for us, we relinquish control of our world and abdicate our agency in shaping it. Real power can never be delegated, nor lived through anyone else. Real power means individual and collective self-determination–our ability to decide for ourselves how we’re going to live every day of our lives–not settling between two unsatisfying and irrelevant choices every four years.

On the one year anniversary of Occupy Chapel Hill, come demonstrate that people power will always be in conflict with with the interests of the ruling class, be they elected or not.