Announcing Call-In Day and Petition for NC Hunger Strikers

First, we are announcing and encouraging people to participate in a call-in day to support NC prison hunger strikers on Wednesday, July 25th. You can find phone and fax numbers here. Because the strike may have spread to facilities we don’t yet know about, folks are especially encouraged to call the Division of Prisons HQ in Raleigh.

Second, the Asheville Prison Book Program has set up a petition for the strikers which supporters can sign here.

Third, a poster made for public distribution can be found here; feel free to put this up everywhere in your town, as a general reminder that prison struggles are happening.

Fourth, please write to if your group would like to be mentioned as supporting the strike. Feel free to also write your own statement of support like these folks. As soon as that list starts to come together we will post it.

Fifth, prisoners have called for solidarity actions and boycotts (the latter largely intended for other prisoners) against companies that exploit prisoners and their families via the canteen. A list of companies involved can be found here.

A weekly anarchist radio show out of Asheville, NC, called the Final Straw, recently did an hour long interview regarding this hunger strike. You can hear the interview here.
As soon as more news emerges from prisoners we will be sure to post it. Also, please send us by email or comments any news on your end about solidarity actions, demonstrations, etc.


  1. prisonbookscollective

    We just (Monday J. 23rd) received news from one of the strikers on Unit 1 at Central Prison in Raleigh. After the fourth day Doctors were finally sent in to assess the condition of the prisoners. One of them had lost six pounds, and the Doctors threatened to IV him. Otherwise It sounds like spirits are fairly high with the strike, and hope remains that it will spread. Referring to the administration of Central, “They are trying to downplay it but they are scrambling.”

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