Enough is Enough: NC Prisoner’s Perspective on Trayvon Martin’s Murder

This tragic event that has happened inside the imperialist country of the USA has once again outraged not only the black community but all communities who oppose unjust acts of outright criminal police brutality. I term this “police” brutality because George Zimmerman was a volunteer community watcher, who viciously shot and killed Trayvon Martin a young black civilian in Sanford, FL on February 26th.

According to police records and the evident 911 dispatch tape, Zimmerman reported a call that a young black male was “purposely” walking through a gated community. The 911 dispatcher clearly stated for Zimmerman to cease following Martin, which Zimmerman disregarded. Martin, out of fear, then began to run from a “stranger mysteriously following him.” At this time, Martin was run down by Zimmerman, and was shot and killed, left lying in the mud.

When police arrived nothing was said to Zimmerman. Twenty-six days later, Zimmerman still remained free while young Trayvon Martin lied dead in his grave. Is this what we call justice in America? It must be noted that Zimmerman was a white man (or was understood to be by police at the time of the murder). The Sanford Police department has had previous racist conflicts in the past and this is no different. Even after receiving national attention, not even the first step of “justice” has been taken.

We must see clearly that racist injustice still exists within the belly of the beast–it never went anywhere. The police chief stepping down is not going to bring justice to this tragedy. White America must recognize that the protection of white life and the nonchalance for the lives of people of color will no longer be tolerated. This is only one event that has been in the national spotlight that exposes the injustice of the US “Justice” System.

Jena 6 in 2006 didn’t seem to make enough noise. Nor did the black “gang” members who were gunned down in 2005, which was the excuse of not sending in FEMA to aid victims after Hurricane Katrina. Neither did the death of the fleeing black motorcyclist Terrance Shurn in Benton Harbor, MI in 2002, or the other countless, nameless, faceless people of color who have died at the hands of discriminatory racist violence in America.

Why should we call it racist action on the part of Zimmerman? First, because we recognize the stereotypical mentality that spurred Zimmerman’s actions, as a young black male can’t walk through a gated community and not be a criminal. The evident prejudice and discrimination against blacks is enough reasoning. Secondly, the fact that nearly a month after this cold-blooded shooting death, Zimmerman has not even been arrested for the crime.

If this had been a black man murdering a white, black, brown, red, or yellow person, the 48-hour clock would have been ticking from the start, and an all-out manhunt would’ve soon followed. The message is that white life in America is protected by the US Injustice System.

Yet the oppressed class has yet to have their torch lit. We have yet to face the much needed radical stance to destroy the US Justice System. Reform will not work in this situation. We can NOT continue to drag along and believe that racism ceased to exist because we have a black president. To deny that racism and police brutality are more than alive would be absurd detrimental to properly fighting for total justice in this country.

We can NOT stand back and let our kids and youth die at the hands of racist cops or wanna-be pigs like George Zimmerman. On behalf of all of our youth of color who have suffered from the hands of police brutality, racism, discrimination, and prejudice, don’t let Trayvon Martin’s death be in vain. We must take a stand of solidarity–ALL people of color and oppressed–to destroy the “justice” system that serves no justice.

We would like to thank  the brave witnesses who came forward in this case, the multi-ethnic support of the protest on March 22nd in Florida, and the hoodie awards in NY in remembrance of Trayvon. Let this tragedy never be forgotten. We send love out to the family and friends of Trayvon Martinand we, as the protectors of our communities, vow to take a stand and be the patrolmen of our own communities.

In Solidarity,

the United Blood Nation