A Message for Unity: Hunger Striker Speaks Out on Prisoner Unity

(The following was written by one of the hunger strikers at Foothills, as a general message to folks on both sides of the wall across the US. Feel free to spread this far and wide to prisoners and prisoners’ family members across the country. Please repost this!)

As you and I speak, walk, sleep, eat and everything else we are busy doing, the establishment is busy stuffing slave cages with 2.3 million people in the US – almost 2.4 million. The vast majority are black and brown lower-class “citizens,” many of which have formed subcultures as street tribes. Almost all of these tribes originally began with the purpose of uplifting and serving their communities, and fighting the oppression they have been receiving since the Europeans came to this continent.

Somehow, this original purpose of existence has faded to the rearview and become obsolete. The confusing part about it is that the majority of the street tribes do not have a clue how or why it has happened. It is this ignorance to our history that has us doing what we are doing now: fratricidal suicide (with warfare between each other), killing over material things and property we don’t own, and most of all, oppressing and destroying ourselves. These effects need clarity and explanations on the causes. I will try to do so in a concise manner while trying to give a full understanding of our history.

As we all know, slavery was started not only for economic reasons but also functioned to create division amongst the poor and oppressed whites and blacks. This division was furthered by separation in the black race with “house” niggers and “field” niggers. Still this did not totally destroy our resistance – black and white resistance. After “emancipation,” laws were instilled to railroad blacks back into slavery with lynchings, KKK terror, etc. This continued through the Civil Rights and Black Liberation movements. Along with this the Hispanic nation started immigrating from Central America. Still, our resistance continued to an all-time high in the 60’s and 70’s. Most of the street tribes were started between the 40’s and 70’s.

Thus began the prison boom, the “war on poverty,” “the war on drugs,” then followed in the 80’s and 90’s the “war on gangs” and eventually the “war on terrorism.” Pay attention to who are the majority populations of the poor, drug dealers and users, and gangs – US! They have openly declared war on us without us having a clue. The tactics are the same now as they were then. But “those who do no learn from their past are doomed to repeat it.” As time progresses and while we fight each other til death, we fail to realize why this has been going on for decades and none of the “problems” have been solved. Why is it getting worse? When does it get better?

Ask yourself: why do they flood our hoods with dope? Why do they give us military weapons? Why do they house us with our rivals in prison? Why do they instigate “gang warfare?” Why do they try so hard to destroy our peace treaties, our unity, as they did to the Black Panther Party? As they did to us in ’86, ’92, and ’05? I’ll tell you why in a simple sentence: they fear the people who have nothing to lose.

As Sun-Tzu stated in Art of War: “Always leave your enemy a way out when in war. If not then they feel they have nothing to lose and will fight to the death with more intensity.” We have been driven into a corner, but we have been left with a way out: conformity, the allure of the middle-class, sports and entertainment careers. The fighting can go on forever but our existence (street tribes) will not. Some day we will be history, but our legacy will continue forever. I would hate for my kids’ kids to read our history the way it is now. Only we can change our history, only we can break the cycles of perpetual warfare with ourselves.

Is there ever a better time than now, when all our tribes are falling apart? When the majority of the world is in rebellion? When prisoners are uniting for better living conditions? The time has come to end the historical beef with one another, because we’re not the oppressors, we’re the oppressed. What good results or benefits are the oppressed going to get by fighting other oppressed? Nothing.

This is a direct message to all the street tribes in existence, whether you want to listen or not. Either get back to the original purposes of our existence or get the hell out the way. Don’t bring that nonsense to our tribes no more. “If you ain’t part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.” We must re-create our image and reinstill our original morals and values. Instead of serving “justice” on your neighbor, all that emotion shall be directed to the ones who caused the problems. That’s true gangsterism! The real gangsters are the original gangsters – the OG’s. We must become OG’s and become united. If not, our demise will come sooner rather than later. Our time is now…get cha’ some!

True Unity,

Comrade Robin Hood

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