Durham Joins “Occupy for Prisoners” National Day of Action

On February 20th, Durham joined dozens of other cities around the US as part of a national day of action against the prison-industrial complex. At 5:30 a little over 50 people gathered around in front of the Durham jail to express our love and solidarity with prison rebels everywhere.

People waved black flags, banged on drums and pots and pans, chanted, and held banners, while prisoners in orange jumpsuits filled the windows to look and wave.

Several people also shared personal stories. One man paced up and down in the street, screaming, “20 years. 20 damn years. I lost my 20s and 30s, the best years of my life, because of .25 grams of crack-cocaine.”

After the demo folks met up at a nearby library to meet each other, share food, and talk about issues confronting the struggle against prisons locally and nationally. The dinner drew a diverse array of organizations and individuals, and the conversation is just beginning.

(Stay tuned for pictures, etc.)