Hunger Strike Resumes at Foothills Prison

From Anarchist News

As of February 2nd, prisoners at Foothills Prison in Morganton, NC are once again out on hunger strike. It is not yet clear how many are participating, but it is confirmed that prisoners from at least two different wings are involved. This is the second hunger strike since December, in response to a series of demands and grievances that still have not been met. Writes one hunger striker, “The conditions of this facility are detrimental to our physical health and well being. We have grieved and complained to no avail. We have no choice but to go on a hunger strike and demand change.”

Prisoners submitted demands to the Unit Manager and Asst. Superintendent, including better and more nutritious meals, decent cleaning supplies, the ability for segregated prisoners to buy pharmaceutical items from the canteen, for desks and a bench to be returned to the segregation cells, clean clothing, new shower heads and mats, the right to be physically unrestrained during exercise hour, the availability of a legal library, and the removal of metal grating which restrict and degrades eyesight.

The prisoners are not immediately asking for any kind of specific support from the outside, but we will keep folks posted.

Solidarity with the hunger strikers of Foothills, and all prison rebels!

-some NC anarchists against prison


  1. brandon elps

    im proud they standing up against the man,keep your heads up

  2. Tawney Pettit

    they should already have clean supplies and all that other stuff.

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