Police Raid Occupied Building with Guns Drawn, 8 Arrests

Taken from Trianarchy

At aproximately 430 pm, one of the largest coordinated police actions in recent Chapel Hill/Carrboro history took place in downtown. After shutting off both ends of Franklin St. and establishing a perimeter around the building, a several dozen police with guns drawn raided the 10,000 square foot Chrysler building at 419 W. Franklin St. Both Chapel Hill and Carrboro Police participated, as well as the fire department.

For the past 24 hours, the large space had been seized  by a group of “anti-capitalist occupiers” aimed at permanently squatting the building which had previously been empty for ten years. Banners and flags were hung across the front of the building and roof, an impromptu kitchen, zine distro, and tool area had been set up, and most of the boards removed from the large windows on the west side of the building.

While some were held down on the ground at gunpoint, a large crowd gathered outside the building, taking up a lane of traffic and screaming at the police.

Ultimately eight people were arrested, probably on trespassing or breaking and entering charges. We are waiting to hear back from the jail on the bail and charges situation, and will provide updates as soon as possible. A benefit show has already been organized for tonight at the Chapel Hill Underground, at the corner of Rosemary and Henderson St.

Just looking around the crowd during the raid, there’s more new and old faces showing up to support this occupation than ever before. This is definitely only the beginning.

To read mainstream press coverage, and see an incredible photo taken mid-raid (sure to be a PR nightmare for CHPD for years to come), check out this.


some anticapitalist occupiers