Job Discrimination Alleged at Alexander CI

In a grievance filed this past March at Alexander CI in Taylorsville, a prisoner exposed the fact that since 2010 not a single Black inmate has been given a maintenance, tutoring, canteen, or library job. According to our information, this is still the case.

These jobs are significant in part because of the higher pay associated with them ($1 a day), but also because these jobs enhance a prisoner’s chance of being release on their minimum release date do to “gain time” and “merit days.”

According to the prisoner who filed the grievance, there are still no prisoners in these occupations, despite the fact that the “majority of the money spent in canteen is spent by black inmates, the majority of the books are read by black inmates, and the majority of the inmates assigned to ABE and GED are black.”

The grievance statement asserts that, “Blacks have applied and inquired about these positions,” but that none have been given the job. The positions in question are filled by recommendation from program staff and approval by the assistant superintendent.