Demo Against the DOC Announced, November 4th

There will be a demonstration against prisons and solitary confinement on November 4th, at 2pm at DOC offices in Raleigh. Family and friends of prisoners as well as anti prison activists will be participating. The following is taken from a handbill being circulated at various OCCUPY events in NC:

nov. 4th  2 p.m.

Prisons are human banks. Every body in a cell is a deposit that accrues
interest with every passing day. When a prisoner is released, that’s money
out of pocket for the corrections corporations and their investors, the

Rehabilitation is out of the question. To protect their profits, wardens
encourage abuse and isolation to craze and enrage prisoners.

The prisoners react & rebel to maintain their humanity and dignity and to
protect their safety. When they do, the C.O.s slap them with infractions,
separate friends by moving them to different jails, and throw people in the
hole. The hole is solitary confinement.

Some other police euphemisms for it are administrative segregation,
disciplinary segregation, and maximum control status. These are nicknames
for torture. We are disgusted with the brutality of the prison industrial
complex. We won’t abide prisoner mistreatment anymore.

On Nov. 4th Family Friends Comrades & Supporters will let them know that.

Meet at the Offices of the N.C.
Department of Corrections,
831 W. Morgan St., 460 MSC
Raleigh, NC, 27699