Butner, NC Prisoner Announces Hunger Strike

Word was recently received that on September 6th, North Carolina prisoner George Tyson went on indefinite hunger strike. The protest was aimed at conditions at the prison, which houses both youth as well as M-Con prisoners. In addition to quoting Frederick Douglass and protesting the “excessive force and physical brutality” he has himself suffered, Tyson’s announcement of hunger strike mentions the July 14th beating-while-handcuffed of a prisoner at Central Prison in Raleigh, NC. This beating was also protested by death row prisoners at Central.

Tyson writes, “A Raleigh, NC Death Row prisoner was beaten while he had handcuffs on behind his back on July 14th at Central Prison. Is there ever gonna be an end to the oppression of black people? I will make progress out of my struggle.”

Tyson also released a set of demands, which are as follows:

  1. Provide shower mats outside the shower to prevent injury by slipping.
  1. Provide wholesome nutritional food served in sanitary conditions.
  1. Provide adequate medical care, including prompt responses to sick calls and seg checks on the well-being of locked up inmates.
  2. Inmates with outdoor recreation are not getting the proper amount of sunlight and air. Some people’s skin is starting to turn yellow and are getting outbreaks on their skin.
  1. Prisoners should be able to have daily newspapers or radios to be able to hear the news.
  1. Adequate remedy procedures and responses, with regards to grievance procedures. Guards are changing around prisoners’ words and prisoners are not given adequate opportunities to respond.
  1. We want at least monthly telephone contact with family.
  1. An immediate stop to officers’ taking prisoners’ pillows and mattresses as punishment.
  1. Emergency call buttons be placed on assigned blocks.

Many similar demands were made by an anarchist prisoner on hunger strike at a different facility in Polkton, NC in the month of July. This strike ultimately succeeded in winning several of the demands for prisoners on that block. some NC anarchists against prisons.

– some NC anarchists against prisons