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An owie to one is an owie to all: A six-step plan for helping your parent-friends remain activists

From Libcom

A member of Seattle Solidarity Network shares some steps she thinks organizations could take to encourage involvement from their members with children.

Eight days after my daughter was born, I sent this message to the organizing committee members of the Seattle Solidarity Network:

“I wanted to let you all know that I need to take a few week hiatus from coming to SeaSol meetings…. Baby is doing well, we just need to clear the decks while I recover and while we figure out this whole nursing thing. Thanks for understanding, and we’ll see you in a few weeks! (I’d estimate three.)”

Four months later, I had still not returned to SeaSol meetings more than a handful of times. I was an I.W.W. member and had been organizing with SeaSol since our first fight in 2008. I was the only female-identified person to consistently attend SeaSol meetings for our entire first year and for several more years for the IWW branch in Seattle. Both groups planned to pay for childcare, and I was committed to continuing my activism after giving birth, but somehow I was not managing to make it happen. What was the problem?

What follows are some reflections on becoming a mom while trying to continue work as a class warrior. (more…)

Fall 2011 ‘Zine Catalog Now Available

Hey y’all, our newly updated zine catalog is finally finished, and can be viewed on our resources page. It includes a number of new titles, including many texts available for the first time after being compiled and laid out by collective members. New pieces like “Every Crook can Govern,” “Notes on the Arab Spring,” and “Eye of the Hurricane (on Sam Melville and Attica)” complement older texts we’ve pulled from the archives like George Jackson’s “Blood in My Eye” and the Zapatistas’ “6th Declaration from the Lacondon Jungle.” While cutting several titles that were old or out of date, we’ve also made large additions to the Spanish and Earth Liberation sections.

We’ll be trying periodically to post these new texts on our resource page, so that the pdf’s are available to other folks supporting prisoners’ organizing and political education. If there’s a specific title you wish to have a copy of, feel free to email us at prisonbooks@gmail.com

New Zine Published: “Liberation or Gangsterism”

Hey y’all, just a little update that we’ve finally finished editing and layout for Russell Maroon Shoatz’ new piece, titled “Liberation or Gangsterism: Freedom or Slavery.” We’ve been corresponding with Maroon for awhile now, and we’re excited to finally be putting this out. It’s an excellent resource for folks who correspond with prisoners interested in the history and/or politics of gangs and gang truce work. You can download it on our Resources page, or by clicking here.