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Durham Trayvon March Announced for This Friday

freewayAfter an impromptu speak-out in downtown Durham, a group of about 35 folks called for a march starting at CCB plaza this Friday at 6pm, to protest for Trayvon, against numerous other issues and concerns folks raised, ncluding racial profiling, police brutality, and poverty. The march will be part of a national day of action, being promoted at www.block4trayvon.wordpress.com People are encouraged to bring banners, signs, and drums. Come ready to march!

Announcing 2nd Durham March for Trayvon

freewayThere will be a second march in Durham this evening (Tuesday) at 7pm, starting at the new Courthouse on Dillard St. close to the Durham Jail in downtown.
On Sunday, along with dozens of other rallies and marches around the country, a diverse crowd of hundreds of Durham residents rallied and took the streets, marching to the jail, where they were met with prisoners banging on their windows. In call and response, people screamed “Trayvon – Martin” and “No Justice, No Peace! Fuck the Police!” Energy was high, and folks were enthusiastic to continue the momentum.
Since that night, protests have continued around the country. Most recently, crowds of hundreds and maybe thousands in Houston, TX and Oakland, CA have taken over major freeways in their cities. The tactic has piggybacked off of a similar takeover in LA on Sunday; a trend is emerging.
As multiracial crowds around the country continue to gather, its become clear that this struggle will not dissappear, and that it is about something bigger than just the racist exoneration of a single wannabe cop. This is about the entire system of justice and control and policing, about how in this country poor people’s lives are considered basically worthless.
Please show up tonight at 7pm if you can. Spread the word by whatever networks you can. The struggle lives on.

Political Prisoner Mumia radio commentary predicts Zimmerman’s acquittal

mumia-raised-fist-001-editedFrom Prison Radio

Full audio file here.

By the time these words reach you, perhaps it will all be over.  ”It” is the Zimmerman trial in Florida.  I have no idea what the ratings are for CNN or CNBC for that matter but I bet it’s pretty elevated for their usual summer viewership.  In this place, a prison population, every man with a mouth wants to discuss the case.  In the chow hall, on the walkways, in the gym, in the yard.  Not even the buxom and buttsome beauties of “Love & Hip Hop” have garnered that much attention.  ”Are you watching the trial?  Who do you think is gonna win?  Can you believe witness X?”  Questions bounced like basketballs as all eyes are locked on this, the latest trial of the century, the trial of George Zimmerman for the homicide of 17 year old Trayvon Martin has snatched the level of public attention that hasn’t been seen since the mid 90s.  In other words, the O.J. Simpson murder trial.

I believe, frankly, that Zimmerman will be acquitted.  I may be wrong, but I don’t think I am.  I’ve never seen a defense lawyer beautilize so skillfully the jujitsu technique of witness flipping.  In all honesty, the state’s prosecution witnesses became defense witnesses and where the defense was adroit, the prosecuter bumbled and fumbled.  I may be wrong, I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t think I am.  We shall see. (more…)

Enough is Enough: NC Prisoner’s Perspective on Trayvon Martin’s Murder

This tragic event that has happened inside the imperialist country of the USA has once again outraged not only the black community but all communities who oppose unjust acts of outright criminal police brutality. I term this “police” brutality because George Zimmerman was a volunteer community watcher, who viciously shot and killed Trayvon Martin a young black civilian in Sanford, FL on February 26th. (more…)