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Strong 8 Given Six More Months of Solitary, “As an Example”

A few days ago, several members of the Strong 8, eight men sentenced to I-Con for staging a work protest in Central Prison’s kitchens in December 2011, were sentenced to six more months of solitary confinement by the Warden himself.

At a July 25th hearing, these men, who have had no infractions or write-ups for the past six months, were recommended for general population. This ruling was just directly overruled, however, by Warden Lassiter, who, in the words of one of the Strong 8, “told the DCA board to keep us on I-CON as an example.” The men are now stuck in isolation for no apparent reason, at least according to policy. (more…)

Central Prisoners Vote to End Hunger Strike

We just received word that earlier this week prisoners at Central in Raleigh voted to end their hunger strike, started on July 16th in protest of conditions on Unit 1. We have not heard from prisoners at Bertie or Scotland. Small groups of prisoners at Foothills CI and Tabor CI have also said they have joined the protest.

The strike was organized to take aim at the fundamental conditions of sensory deprivation, psychological and physical torture, and abuse that characterize solitary confinement, and for that matter, prisons in general. It was also catalyzed by the need for law libraries for prisoners to be able to be better organize and defend themselves in the legal realm.

Some of the short term demands of prisoners, such as tools with which to clean cells, clearing the windows to the outside, and other demands have already been granted, but more significant demands have been put to the unit manager and have yet to be addressed. For the strikers involved, it seems like this strike was a way to garner much needed attention towards their conditions, as well as demonstrate to other prisoners that it is indeed possible to organize across lines of race or gang status, and to do so with meaningful support and solidarity from the outside.


NY Demonstration to Target NC Prison Profiteer, in Solidarity with Strike

Occupy activists from around Upstate NY will descend on Cortland on Friday August 3rd at 3:00pm for a picket and demonstration outside the headquarters of prison profiteer JM Murray Center Inc. The picket will be in solidarity with prisoners at three North Carolina prisons on hunger strike since July 16th. The hunger strikers, who are calling themselves the Freedom Riders Movement, asked supporters on the outside to boycott and take actions against several companies profiting off of the mass incarceration of North Carolina prisoners. Other companies that the prisoners listed for supporters to boycott or demonstrate at include Heinz, New Balance and Coca Cola. (more…)