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Anarchist Prisoner’s Ideologically Motivated Transfer to Super Max Immanent. Meanwhile, Guerilla Warfare Continues in Ohio’s Prison System.

12_monkeysFrom Sean Swain

Wednesday, Feb 13th, Mansfield OH- Tomorrow is the deadline for Sean Swain to file his final appeal to Warden Terry Tibbals. Supporters are asking people to call the Warden on Friday to oppose the transfer. The Rules Infraction Board found Sean guilty of leading The Army of the 12 Monkeys, a group calling for sabotage and low intensity guerrilla warfare against the prison system. They had no evidence against Sean other than an alleged “ideological match” with the propaganda put out by this group.

Sean has been under strict supervision in a control unit since September, but the activities of the Army of the 12 Monkeys have continued in Mansfield and may have spread to a second correctional institution in Ohio. On January 15th, at least four prisoners were transferred from general population in Mansfield to segregation for allegedly engaging in 12 Monkeys activity including breaking windows. (more…)

Word from Sean

jpaylargeFrom SeanSwain.org

We received this JPay from Sean today, it was written on the 24th.  It appears as though the Army of the 12 Monkeys is still active at Mansfield Correctional. A “handful of guys” just got transferred to the hole,  accused of being members of the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

We also heard rumors that at least one of these prisoners is being tortured in a “suicide cell” just like Sean was initially. The guy’s name is Shawn Marshall. His number is 461-448.  Word is Marshall went to this torture cell on Tuesday Jan 15th. He doesn’t have friends or family on the outside, so there’s no one to stop them from keeping him in torture cell for a long time.

Sean has not had his final security reveiw or been transferred yet. ManCI staff are depriving Sean and others accused of 12 Monkeys activity of food and sleep.  Read the JPay for details.

Please call ManCI at 419-526-2000 demand that they stop torturing Shawn Marshall (461-448) and that they adequately feed prisoners in seg and allow them to sleep.

Please call Director Gary Mohr at Central Office, 614-752-1150, demand that ManCI staff be sanctioned until this treatment changes.

Alleged Anarchist Prison Saboteur Sean Swain is MIA

12_monkeysFrom SeanSwain.org January 24, 2013

On Friday January 11th Sean Swain wrote a JPay email notifying outside supporters that his security status review was scheduled for the following Monday. We didn’t receive this email until Tuesday and haven’t heard anything since. On December 26th, Sean sent a fat envelope with instructions for his lawyer on how to pressure officials, threatening a civil suit if they go ahead with the transfer. This envelope didn’t arrive until Thursday January 10th. Intentional delays of communication by ManCI staff prevented us from helping Sean fight this transfer. (more…)

Call-In Day to Prevent Sean’s Transfer to Supermax Friday, November 23rd

From SeanSwain.org

A group of prison bureaucrats calling themselves the “Status Review Committee” will convene either this Friday or next Friday to determine whether or not to transfer Sean to the supermax prison in Youngstown, OH. We are asking friends and supporters to please call the prison on Friday morning (November 23rd) to implore them not to transfer Sean to supermax. (more…)

Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain Blamed for Sabotage Campaign

From Sean Swain

In September 2012, copies of a “resistance manual” and flyers promoting “a joyous class war” and sabotage within the prison appeared within Mansfield Correctional Institution (ManCI). According to a conduct report filed against alleged leaders, these materials “instruct inmates to bring the prison system to the brink” by engaging in a wide range of activities. The flyers were distributed by a group calling themselves the Army of the Twelve Monkeys, a reference to a 1990′s science fiction film.

The flyers promote three types of activities. First, wasting resources: “run electrical appliance and flush sink water all day” and “demand all food, clothes and medical/dental you are entitled to”. Second, damaging prison property: “break machines in the kitchen and OPI… pour salt water in staff computers… cut phone and computer lines… put gum, paperclips, and staples in door locks”. Third, broader organizing calls: “gang members to unite against our common enemy” and “steal, sabotage, organize, strike, resist”. (more…)

Support Sean Swain

From Sean Swain

Sean Swain is still under investigation by the Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP) and the FBI for alleged involvement in “The Army of the 12 Monkeys” a group that allegedly committed acts of sabotage and vandalism inside ManCI. On September 19th, Swain was put in a suicide cell for 5 days, denied heat, bedding, and normal clothes. They knew he was not suicidal, they were trying to break him. He refused food for the first two days, and after 5 was transferred to administrative segregation. Two other prisoners have been transferred to Seg as well. No charges have been made against any of the three. According to the prison rules, when someone is transferred to seg for the purpose of investigation, they must be charged within 21 days, or returned to general population. It’s been more than 21 days. (more…)

Update on Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain and Coordinated Rebellion at Mansfield Correctional

From Seanswain.org

We have just received confirmation that between the night of Wednesday, September 19th and Monday, September 24th, Sean was held in a suicide cell in the medical wing of the prison, despite the fact that he is not in any way a suicide risk. Apparently the prison maintains a special cell behind the medical department to be used as punishment for inmates: “torture cell number 112.”

This cell does not have a bed, just a concrete floor that Sean was forced to sleep on. The cell had no heat and Sean did not shower, have access to incoming mail, pen, paper or any of his belongings. He also did not eat for two days.

Please take a few moments to call the prison (see numbers below) and ask them about their treatment of Sean and the prison’s use of suicide cells as a form of punishment for inmates who are not suicidal. These calls and the resulting pressure really does help Sean, if you were wondering. They are most likely the reason Sean was moved from the suicide cell. (more…)

Preliminary Reports of a Riot at Mansfield Correctional. Sean Swain in the Hole.

From Sean Swain.org

We have received preliminary reports that on Wednesday, September 19th, a riot occurred at Mansfield Correctional Institution where Sean Swain is being held.  According to the prison, fire hoses were used against those involved in the uprising. As of now, we have no details as to what conditions instigated the riot or what Sean is being charged with. (more…)

Letter to Occupy from Political Prisoner Sean Swain

Sean Swain is an anarchist political prisoner imprisoned in Mansfield Correctional Institution.

In 2007, in a published interview I observed that if Ohio prisoners simply laid on their bunks for 30 days, the system would collapse. I wasn’t talking about just the prison system, but Ohio’s entire economy.

I came to that conclusion because I recognized that 50,000 prisoners work for pennies per day making the food, taking out the trash, mopping the floors. We produce parts for Honda and other multi-nationals at Ohio Penal Industries (OPI), making millions of dollars in profit for the State. If we stopped participating in our own oppression, the State would have to hire workers at union-scale wages to make our food, take out the trash, and mop the floors; slave labor for Honda and others would cease. (more…)