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Sundiata Acoli Denied Parole

From Prison Radio

Greetings All,
Sundiata’s Parole Hearing was held today, he was denied parole and his case referred to a 3-member panel to determine the size of his “hit:” (i.e., the amount of time he must do before becoming eligible for parole hearing again.) One of our finest freedom fighters, former member of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, you can find more info on his website: www.sundiataacoli.org. He has already done nearly 40 years in Federal prisons and is now 74 years old. Please send him some love:
(Sundiata Acoli)
Clark Squire #39794-066
FCI Cumberland
Federal Correctional Institution
P.O. BOX 1000
Cumberland, MD 21501-1000


Friends and Supporters of Jalil Muntaqim Harassed, Targeted, and Intimidated

From the Freedom Archives:

Since Jalil’s arrival at Attica Correctional Facility in March 2011, a number of statements have been made about the continued and frequent harassment of his visitors. Despite filing numerous official reports, Jalil’s visitors have repeatedly endured undue questioning, inappropriate remarks, destruction of personal property, and denial of entry at the hands of Attica guards.

On June 5, 2012, this harassment was redirected toward Jalil when he had his cell searched and was charged with “unauthorized organization.” Denied all of his witnesses, Jalil was sentenced to 6 months in SHU for the possession of two photographs of an academic event in which a Black Panther banner was hung in the background. These photos served as the sole evidence of his “unlawful” behavior.

On March 28, this sentence was reversed in an appeal, and Jalil was immediately taken to general population. He is there now, and considers this reversal a victory for all who stood in solidarity with him, and demanded his release. (more…)

Alvaro Luna Hernandez: Another Bogus Case

15 Feb. 2012
Hughes Nazis Prison


“…[W]e give this notice, so that our brothers in chains will not be alarmed when they see us in the claws of authority; we give this notice so that no one will be discouraged, so that all will continue onward. If we are persecuted, we do not want discouragement to spread, but rather that with doubled vigor all proceed with the great work undertaken until the goal is achieved: the death of the capitalist system…”

– Ricardo Flores Magon,
Oct. 1915, murdered by guards
at Leavenworth, Kan.
Federal Prison, 1922

Although the fascist pigs extinguished his life on the earth in 1922, he will always live in our hearts and in our memory – Brother Ricardo Flores Magon, revolutionary anarchist, Presente!!! I was taken before the disciplinary “kangaroo court” yesterday, found guilty, and relegated to 90 days of extreme deprivation conditions in Level-3, conditions that were outlawed in March 1999 by federal judge Justice in Ruiz v. Johnson, 37 F. Supp. 2d 855 (S.D. Tex. 1999) he described as CONSTITUTING TORTURE. I mailed you a Step 1 Grievance filed here on 12 Feb. 2012. Specifically, the MENTALLY ILL are subjected to such atrocious brutalities and inhumanities that would make HITLER’S AUSCHWITZ CAMP look like Disneyland. These are flagrant HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY that must be protested. While the racist, hypocrite U.S. government parades around the world as the “champion of human rights”, at this very moment, it is engaged in a pattern and practice of STATE TERRORISM AND GENOCIDE against the prisoner-class here in this prison system. The majority of those of us in this type of PROLONGED SOLITARY CONFINEMENT ARE PEOPLE OF COLOR! (more…)

Urgent Action Needed- Support Prisoners in Indiana SHU!

This is an URGENT ACTION ALERT asking for a solidarity call-in to demand an investigation into abuses in the Secure Housing Unit of Wabash Valley Correctional Facility and to protest the recent torture of our comrade Shaka Shakur. We are asking people to make calls, starting at 830am EDT on Monday February 6th through 430pm EDT Tuesday the 7th.

Bruce Lemmon, Commissioner IDOC: (317) 232-5711, fax (317) 233-1474, blemmon@idoc.in.gov
Richard Brown, Superintendent Wabash Valley Correctional Facility: (812) 398-5050 ext 4102., fax (812) 398-5032, rbrown@idoc.in.gov
Jack Hendrix, Director of IDOC Classifications: (317) 232-2247, fax (317) 232-5728, jdhendrix@idoc.in.gov

The SHU is Indiana’s most repressive Super Max Prison, and is modeled after the infamous Pelican Bay SHU. It holds many of Indiana’s most political prisoners in extreme isolation and sensory deprivation, many of them people of color. It is a prison within a prison, in the rural south of the state, and is imbedded with extreme racism and white supremacist organizing. (more…)