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URGENT: Gender Anarky Members Resume Hunger Strike Indefinitely After Prison Officials’ Broken Promises

From Noy Yr Cister PressGender Anarky members Amazon and Catarina LePre restarted their hunger strike on October 5th after promised changes to trans women’s housing were not met by Warden Paramo and their case worker at the R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility. Warden Paramo and Amazon’s case worker promised to change the housing conditions of trans women in the facility after a number of days of hunger striking, but has not implemented any changes. In response, they have chosen to strike indefinitely until the changes have been implemented. In a recent communication from Amazon, she describes the situation:

“this time we are striking indefinitely, until this matter is resolved and i am no longer on single-cell status and cat and i are celled up. today [October 7th] is our third day without food, and we are only drinking two bottles of water a day. after food, we are going to stop drinking any water. they are monitoring our health daily, taking our vitals. so far we have lost ten pounds each, as of today. cat gets a lil woozy, but we are going thru with this… (more…)

Trans Women in San Diego Prison Stage Hunger Strike

From The Bilerico Project

Two trans women incarcerated in the R.J. Donovan Correctional Facility in San Diego County have been on hunger strike for over a week in an attempt to be allowed to share a cell together. Because they are trans, prison officials refuse to take them off single-cell status. Presumably, they have both been restricted to being in single cells to prevent them from having to share a cell with a man, however, it’s clear that this is not for their own protection when there are two of them and they want to share a cell together.

According to a statement released yesterday, the hunger strike began on Friday September 21st and they are asking their supporters to call in and help: (more…)

No Justice When Women Fight Back

By Vikki Law

What do a nineteen-year-old lesbian from New Jersey, a 23-year-old trans woman in Minneapolis and a 31-year-old mother in Florida have in common? All three were attacked, all three fought back and all three were arrested. All three are currently in prison while their attackers remain free. Oh, yes, and all three are black women.

Marissa Alexander is a 31-year-old mother of three. She is also a survivor of violence at the hands of her ex, Rico Gray. In 2009, Alexander obtained a restraining order against Gray. (more…)

Manning’s torturous confinement controlled by top military Lt. General at the Pentagon

From Bradley Manning Support Network

By Kevin Zeese. September 4, 2012.

Then-Lt. Gen. George Flynn, who reportedly directed PFC Bradley Manning’s illegal pretrial confinement conditions.Every time I attend a Bradley Manning hearing the prosecutors show their outrageous disrespect for the law, demonstrate they cannot be trusted and that this prosecution should not proceed.

Beginning on November 27, the defense will argue a long-delayed motion to dismiss for unlawful pretrial punishment.  In a moment of high drama, Bradley is likely to testify about his nine months in solitary confinement during the argument of this motion.

Prosecutors Are Caught Hiding More than One Thousand Emails about Manning’s Confinement

The most recent reason for the delay in the hearing was the government was caught hiding 1,374 emails relevant to the confinement of Bradley Manning. (more…)