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Hundreds rally at Obama campaign offices for Bradley, veterans arrested

By the Bradley Manning Support Network

In a coordinated set of actions, Bradley Manning supporters–led by veterans including Scott Olsen–rallied at and occupied Obama campaign offices on the West Coast yesterday, twelve arrested

Six veterans and activists in Oakland, and six more in Portland, OR, were arrested Thursday night at Obama campaign offices for occupying the spaces in solidarity with accused WikiLeaks whistle-blower PFC Bradley Manning. Dozens of veterans and anti-war demonstrators coordinated a West Coast set of actions that also included protests in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Seattle. (more…)

Demo for Strikers Announced: Sunday 1pm @ Central Prison

Friends and Comrades,

On Sunday July 29th at 1pm there will be a demonstration outside of Central Prison at 1300 Western Blvd. in Raleigh and at the Division of Prisons offices (located behind Central) in solidarity with prisoners hunger striking across North Carolina. This action follows a massive and similar strike in GA as well a sit down labor action in the kitchens at Central last December.

Prisoners have expressed demands around a variety of conditions, ranging from the absence of law libraries and unsanitary and inadequate food and medical care to the censorship of mail to abuse by guards and the use of solitary confinement for political intimidation.

Folks are encouraged to bring their own banners and signs, flags, and noisemaking devices. It’ll be hot, so bring water (and extra points for coordinated black and red umbrellas!).

If you’re unable to make it to Raleigh for the demo, please consider organizing your own demonstration at a local jail or prison in your area. You can also send your group’s name in as a supporter of the strike to prisonbooks@gmail.com where we’ll post it on our website. (Feel free to draft your own statement as well).

There are also handbills in english and spanish now available, as well as a poster.

until every cage is empty,
ch prison books collective

Protest At the Governor’s Mansion: Tell Her to VETO the Fracking Bill SB820

From Croatan Earth First!

SB 820, the fracking bill, passed in the general assembly this week, which means now only the governor needs to sign it for fracking to begin in 2014.  Governor Perdue has already flipped sides once.  She had vetoed an earlier bill, the 709 Energy Jobs Act, which would have fast tracked fracking and offshore drilling.  However, soon after she was flown to Pennsylvania on our tax money to schmooze with Shell Oil and returned pro-fracking.  Just this past week the U.S. Geological Survey released a study finding that there is only 2 years worth of gas in our state, and that only half of that could possibly be collected.  In other words, we are risking our water supply and clean air, and trading that for only one year’s worth of natural gas to profit oil companies, and they can even export that gas to other places.  Property law in North Carolina even states that private land can be taken by eminent domain for these companies to use.  A few democrats and republicans who had previously supported fracking voted against the bill this, but it was not enough to stop the rest of the general assembly who are solidly in the pockets of corporations.  We cannot let this happen without putting up a fight! Occupy is organizing a response to the seizing of our communities air and water this Monday at the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh Monday June 18th at 6 p.m. located at 200 N. Blount St.  Help spread the word!