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Prisoners at Foothills Show Support For Central Prison Strikers

Three inmates in Foothills Prison recently expressed their support in writing for the “Strong 8,” eight prisoners who work in kitchens at Central Prison and were recently sentenced to I-Con (solitary) for their participation in a brief sit-down strike in December.

They declare,

“To whom this may concern,

I am writing in support for the working inmates whom exercised their constitutional right, in December 2011, of peaceful assembly. However, these workers have been unlawfully placed on Intensive Control Status.

This punishment is NOT only constitutionally wrong, but morally wrong due to the requests for better work wages and gain time issues. This letter is a modest request to have these working inmates punishment overturned and that they be released from segregation to regular population. I support the exercise of constitutional rights!


Karon Moses

Adrian “Hakim” Jordan

Dakarai McGowan

A Message for Unity: Hunger Striker Speaks Out on Prisoner Unity

(The following was written by one of the hunger strikers at Foothills, as a general message to folks on both sides of the wall across the US. Feel free to spread this far and wide to prisoners and prisoners’ family members across the country. Please repost this!)

As you and I speak, walk, sleep, eat and everything else we are busy doing, the establishment is busy stuffing slave cages with 2.3 million people in the US – almost 2.4 million. The vast majority are black and brown lower-class “citizens,” many of which have formed subcultures as street tribes. Almost all of these tribes originally began with the purpose of uplifting and serving their communities, and fighting the oppression they have been receiving since the Europeans came to this continent.

Somehow, this original purpose of existence has faded to the rearview and become obsolete. The confusing part about it is that the majority of the street tribes do not have a clue how or why it has happened. It is this ignorance to our history that has us doing what we are doing now: fratricidal suicide (with warfare between each other), killing over material things and property we don’t own, and most of all, oppressing and destroying ourselves. These effects need clarity and explanations on the causes. I will try to do so in a concise manner while trying to give a full understanding of our history. (more…)

New Zine Published: “Liberation or Gangsterism”

Hey y’all, just a little update that we’ve finally finished editing and layout for Russell Maroon Shoatz’ new piece, titled “Liberation or Gangsterism: Freedom or Slavery.” We’ve been corresponding with Maroon for awhile now, and we’re excited to finally be putting this out. It’s an excellent resource for folks who correspond with prisoners interested in the history and/or politics of gangs and gang truce work. You can download it on our Resources page, or by clicking here.

Lucasville Hunger Strike Ends in Victory!

According to the Lucasville Five supporters, Bomani Shakur, Siddique Abdullah Hasan, and Jason Robb  have all ended their hunger strike in response to prison officials agreeing to meet virtually all of the demands set out.  This came on the heels of a public rally outside Ohio’s Supermax Prison.

The full details of the agreement will be released soon.  In the meantime, the three are recovering from nearly two weeks without food.  As one supporter put it,

“this time they were fighting about their conditions of confinement but now they begin the fight for their lives. They were wrongfully convicted of complicity in 1993 murders in Lucasville prison and have faced retribution because they refused to provide snitch testimony against others who actually committed those murders. Now, because of Ohio’s (and other states’) application of the death penalty, they still face execution at a future date. Ohio is today exceeded only by Texas in its enthusiasm for applying the death penalty. We need to take some of this energy that was created around the hunger strike to help these men fight for their lives.”