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Thief Breaks Into NC Prison to Steal Copper

(from capitalist press…)

SALISBURY, N.C. — Police in Salisbury are looking for the rare thief who’s apparently eager to go to prison.

The Salisbury Post reports (http://bit.ly/GDMtXc ) that someone broke into the Piedmont Correctional Institution, stole copper from an air conditioning unit and escaped.

The theft was discovered Monday morning. Salisbury Police Capt. Sheila Lingle says no arrests have been made.

Investigators think the thief climbed a fence at the minimum-security prison and dismantled the air conditioner, which is valued at $3,000.

The theft was discovered after authorities found pieces of insulation on both sides of the fence. There’s no security camera footage showing that section of fence when the break-in likely took place.

Go to Trial: Crash the Justice System


AFTER years as a civil rights lawyer, I rarely find myself speechless. But some questions a woman I know posed during a phone conversation one recent evening gave me pause: “What would happen if we organized thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of people charged with crimes to refuse to play the game, to refuse to plea out? What if they all insisted on their Sixth Amendment right to trial? Couldn’t we bring the whole system to a halt just like that?”

The woman was Susan Burton, who knows a lot about being processed through the criminal justice system.

Her odyssey began when a Los Angeles police cruiser ran over and killed her 5-year-old son. Consumed with grief and without access to therapy or antidepressant medications, Susan became addicted to crack cocaine. She lived in an impoverished black community under siege in the “war on drugs,” and it was but a matter of time before she was arrested and offered the first of many plea deals that left her behind bars for a series of drug-related offenses. Every time she was released, she found herself trapped in an under-caste, subject to legal discrimination in employment and housing. (more…)

‘Anonymous’ Hackers Target Private Prison Contractor

From Prison Radio

Hacker group Anonymous on Friday vandalized the website of a major US prison contractor in the latest salvo in an anti-police campaign.

Anonymous subgroup “Antisec” took credit for replacing The Geo Group website home page with a rap song dedicated in part to Mumia Abu-Jamal and a message condemning prisons and policing in the United States.

Mumia Abu-Jamal, whose birth name is Wesley Cook, is a former Black Panther and radio journalist serving a life sentence for the 1981 shooting death of a police officer in Philadelphia. (more…)

Illinois Governor to Close Prisons

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — As part of a cost-reduction plan, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn wants to close a prison that opened just 14 years ago as a cutting-edge facility for the state’s most dangerous inmates.

But his plan to shutter the Tamms “supermax” lockup is raising questions about how the crowded correctional system could safely absorb its inmate population.

Tamms is an infamous prison in the state of Illinois, highly controversial and the subject of numerous lawsuits alleging prisoner abuse. It is a closed maximum custody prison, with no mess hall and prisoners all doing solitary time 23 hours a day. (more…)