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Justice for Chuy! Marching to Prayer and Candlelight

chuyThursday, December 19th @ 7pm @ CCB Plaza, 201 N. Corcoran St. in Durham

December 19th is approaching, and it will be 1 month since Chuy’s death.

Chuy’s family really appreciated all the support that we showed as a community on the last march. They felt strong and energized by seeing that the Durham community and the Triangle cares about this struggle and cares about justice.
We haven’t lost any energy or momentum and we will continue to demand justice and answers.

Please join us again and bring more friends for a vigil in remembrance of Chuy’s Life. (more…)

Obvious Bullshit Lies From Chief Lopez Regarding The Murder Of Jesús Huerta

DURHAM —Jesus Huerta, the Riverside High School student who died Nov. 19 in the back of a Durham police officer’s patrol car, suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound, according to Police Chief Jose Lopez Sr.

“Whether that wound was accidental or intentional is unknown at this time,” Lopez told reporters during a news conference Wednesday at police headquarters.

He said that the state medical examiner’s office confirmed the cause of death. However, state officials told The Herald-Sun that although an autopsy was completed weeks ago, no report had been released nor was it available Wednesday.

It remains unclear exactly how Huerta – who Lopez said was searched and cuffed behind the back by Officer Samuel Duncan before he was put into the patrol car – managed to get a gun into the car with him, let alone pull the trigger. (more…)

The Final Straw: Luke O’Donovan; Police Murders from coast to coast

acabnewerFrom The Final Straw

This week’s episode features three, that’s right, three whopping conversations. Firstly, we hear from Luke O’Donovan about his case. Luke is an Anarchist in the Atlanta area who defended himself against a queer bashing last New Years at a party. Luke suffered multiple wounds inflicted by knives as well as beating which sent him to the hospital. He’s facing 5 charges of aggrivated assault with a deadly weapon for injuring the people attacking him, who’d earlier called him a faggot repeatedly. Each of those 5 charges could carry a twenty year sentence.

After that, we’ll hear from Rafi, an organizer in Durham North Carolina, about the spate of police murders of young men of color in that city. Particularly we’ll talk about the case of Jesus Chuy Huerta, a 17 year old latino man shot in the back of a patrol car while handcuffed that the police are claiming was self-inflicted.

Finally, we’ll hear from Jess who’s been organizing alongside youth in Santa Rosa, california since the shooting death by Sheriff’s there of 13 year old Andy Lopez for having a toy gun. The fatal shooting of Andy Lopez fell on October 22nd of this year. For those who don’t know, October 22nd is a day when many people in the United States remember those killed and imprisoned by police and protest against police violence. (more…)

Rememrance For Jesús ‘Chuy’ Huerta in Carrboro

jesushuertaThese signs were attached to the fence at the disputed CVS building that was squatted/occupied last year as a campaign of resisting corporate development; at the corner of Weaver St. and Greensboro St in Carrboro, NC on December 5th. The sign for Jesús Huerta is the second memorial for him put there in the past week. The first had recently been removed along with other signs and banners.

Reflections on Durham’s March for Chuey Huerta, November 2013

lEU6Z.AuSt.156From Anon Central

The report below is only a snapshot of what occurred on November 22nd. Our experience did not occur in isolation as a set of incommunicable facts and feelings. It is also not a historical narrative which swallows everything it does not crush. We hold out hope for some other form of thinking somewhere between the two.

“The police kill us youth, us young people, because they are afraid of us. They are afraid of the things we think and the things we know.” – one of Chuy’s friends, at the beginning of the event

On Tuesday, November 19th 2013, Jesus “Chuy” Huerta died of gunshot wounds to the chest and head in the back seat of a Durham police vehicle. While police reported that the 17 year old was in the back of the cop car because he had been arrested for trespassing, the presence of a gun – an impossibility according to normal search procedure – has yet to be explained. The circumstances surrounding Chuy’s death have been obscured. (more…)

Hundreds took to the streets to appeal for a Hispanic youth that died in police custody

fotomarchawebFrom Qué Pasa Media Network

Family, friends and community members marched to police headquarters

Durham -. More than 200 people took to the streets of downtown Durham on Friday night to march to Durham Police headquarters demanding justice for the death of Jesus Huerta, a teenager who died mysteriously in a police patrol car Tuesday.

Shouting “Justice for Chuy”, carrying signs and headed by the Huerta family, protesters marched from the CCB Plaza in the center of the city to the Durham Police headquarters, whose parking lot was where the 17 year old youth was found dead early Tuesday morning when he was being transported in a patrol car after being arrested.

“I wholeheartedly thank everyone who came out tonight to support us and seek justice for my son,” said Silvia Huerta, the mother of the teenager that died, to Qué Pasa.

Next to the mother of “Chuy” were his four brothers, his girlfriend, other relatives, fellow High Riverside High School and dozens of community members that although not met him wile he was alive, attended the demonstration in solidarity with the family.

The march ended with at least two people arrested after some demonstrators broke windows of the police headquarters and a patrol car. (more…)

March Against the Police: This Friday the 22nd at 7pm

antipoliceMarch Against the Police: This Friday the 22nd at 7pm at the Bull in Durham
Come out for justice for Jesus Huerta—and against the racist police!

As many of you already know, on Tuesday morning Jesús Huerta died while in custody of the Durham Police Department; he was 17 years old. We are planning a march from CCB plaza to the Police HQ. Please spread the word and let’s try to get as many people as possible to protest this murderous system!

The silence from Police Chief Lopez was an insult! 

– The police are racist

– They harass and kill us on the streets

– They attack the poor

– They jail and deport our families

– They treat us like animals

– Police and prisons do not exist to keep us safe.

Jesús’ death is another example of how police do not exist to keep us safe!

Remembrance: “They left that man to wander with no way home or any help”

tracybostFrom Amplify Voices

The following is about Tracy Bost, killed by NCCU police Sept. 23rd. He had been released from Durham jail the day before. We offer it as an important forum for a prisoner to remember him, and to counter media depictions of the deceased as a wanderer and career criminal.

To: ______, Inside-Outside Alliance

From: O.C.

Re: Remembrance

Date: 9/30/13

…(D)id I know Tracy Bost. I knew him very well. He not only slept beside me in the hole, he was my homeboy. We hail from Salisbury. I don’t know what made him do what he did, if what they say is true. All I know is just like me he had big plans. You can’t place all of the blame on him because I feel like the system failed him. Why I say that is because he had been locked down since 2009 for (charges), so he had 9 months past release, but he had a 4-county bid to do for assault on an officer that happened at Scotland (C.I. in Laurinburg), but no matter, when he finished the county time his parole officer was supposed to pick him up and transport him back to Salisbury just like they did me when I got out from ____ County.

They left that man to roam and wander without no way home or any help. R.I.P. Sin “T. Bost” (more…)

Never Forget, The F.B.I. Routinely Assassinated American Citizens…

From US Prison Culture

It’s worth remembering given how much the F.B.I. has been in the news this week regarding the Petraeus sex scandal that the organization used to routinely assassinate American citizens…

On Saturday, I led a bus tour in partnership with my friend Mia Henry of Freedom Lifted, LLC. One of our stops was the People’s Law Office where we were privileged to spend time listening to the great Flint Taylor. Flint shared his recollections of Chicago Black Panther leader Fred Hampton and also gave us some history about the Chicago Police Torture cases. I am so grateful to have been able to learn from Flint. This visit was a timely one because in just a couple of weeks, it will be the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of Fred Hampton. (more…)