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Political Prisoner Birthday Poster For August 2013 Is Now Available

birthdaycupHello Friends and Comrades,

1) Here is the political prisoner birthday poster for August. As always, please post this poster publicly and/or use it to start a card writing night of your own. This month’s poster is much less avant garde than last month’s. Sorry.

Some News And Updates:

2) Sentencing for nine  NC Latin Kings and an associate tried as part of a criminal racketeering enterprise has been scheduled for the mid-August. Folks will be packing the court room for Jorge Cornell and his brother Russell Kilfoil on August 14th. More details to come. More information on the sentencing here. (more…)

Sentencing for NC Latin Kings scheduled for August

free the kingsFrom Yes Weekly

After going public to protest police harassment in 2008, the North Carolina Latin Kings under Cornell’s leadership aligned themselves with an interracial group of pastors. Cornell made two unsuccessful bids for Greensboro City Council, and his organization remained a fixture on the city’s social justice scene until a federal raid in December 2011 led to the jailing of most of the organization’s membership.

Sentencing for nine Latin Kings and an associate tried as part of a criminal racketeering enterprise has been scheduled for the mid-August.

Jorge Cornell, inca, or leader, of the North Carolina Latin Kings from 2005 to 2011, along with his brother, Russell Kilfoil, are scheduled to be sentenced at the Hiram H. Ward federal building in downtown Winston-Salem on Aug. 14 at 10 a.m. Russell Kilfoil is also known as Jonathan Hernandez. Cornell and Kilfoil were found guilty of racketeering by a federal jury in November 2012. (more…)

Motion for Re-trial Denied & other Updates

free the kingsFrom ALKQN Support

We just received news from King J. (Jorge Cornell) that their (J., Peaceful, and Ernesto’s) motion for re-trial was denied by Judge Beaty, who released a twelve page response to the defendants’ request. J. was told by his lawyer that it is entirely possible that the sentencing hearing may not even get scheduled until August. We got to see J. today at Orange County Jail where they have all been for about a month. J was in good spirits and is ready to move forward with his first appeal as soon as possible. He did, however, describe how frustrating it is that they have all been stuck in county jails, getting moved around, while the government dragged its feet in response to the motion filed days after their verdict in late November.

In other updates, Jason Yates (King Squirl) has decided to take a non-cooperating plea for the first count of conspiracy to commit racketeering. Squirl maintained his support for the other Kings who went to trial and expressed that he would have stuck it out through trial if he had not been severed from this case. His decision to plea was a personal one as it related best to his situation, and though we don’t have all the details of the plea in our hands yet, we have every reason to believe he has been honest with us in his decision and has remained un-cooperative with the feds, who have harassed him non-stop since he was severed from the original trial due to incompetent legal counsel (his state-appointed attorney never visited him in the year from the time the indictment was released in the fall of 2011 to the pre-trial hearings in the fall of 2012). (more…)

RIP Smiley

queen smileyFrom ALKQN Support

Smiley was a warrior who defied death while in the hands of the cops, the prison guards, and the doctors.

This past Tuesday, April 9th, a beloved friend, comrade and integral woman in the ALKQN support coalition, Tracy Weyman, Queen Smiley as we called her, passed away in her sleep surrounded by her family. We are deeply devastated and shocked by her passing. We are asking for solidarity and support around her death, both for her family who was left behind to put a life back together, and for her family incarcerated through the RICO trial. Please consider donating to help with funeral costs through WePay or getting in touch with us. (more…)

UPDATE: North Carolina Latin Kings file motion for new trial

free the kingsFrom YES! Weekly

Jorge Cornell and two other defendants in the North Carolina Latin Kings racketeering trial have filed a motion for a new trial.

Cornell, Russell Kilfoil and Ernesto were each convicted of racketeering by a federal jury in Winston-Salem last month. Cornell was convicted of two additional counts for a violent crime in aid of racketeering and carrying or using a firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence — both related to a shooting at Ashley Creek Apartment Homes in Greensboro in 2008.

The motion for a new trial, which was filed on Dec. 5, contends that the jury was confused or misunderstood the court’s instructions for dealing with predicate acts. The motion notes that the jurors asked for clarification, but the judge simply referred them back to his earlier instructions. (more…)

Jorge Cornell guilty on three counts of racketeering

From Yes! Weekly Blog

A jury of 12 in Winston-Salem has convicted North Carolina Latin Kings leader Jorge Cornell of three counts of criminal racketeering, while convicting two other defendants of a single count.

The jury of eight women and four men (eight white and four black) found Cornell’s brother, Russell Kilfoil, guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit racketeering, along with Ernesto Wilson, a defendant who was never a Latin King but whom the government argued was an associate in fact with the enterprise.

Three other defendants, Randolph Kilfoil, Samuel Velasquez and Irvin Vasquez, were found not guilty. (more…)

Community Update on Mr. Jorge “King Jay” Cornell Trial and Next Steps

From Beloved Community Center

The entire community is welcomed to participate in a special update meeting on the trial of Jorge “King Jay” Cornell this Sunday, November 4, 2012, at 4:00 PM, at Faith Community Church (417 Arlington Street, Greensboro, NC).  We will hear an update on the court proceedings from people who are closely following the case.  This will be a valuable discussion, and you are encouraged to invite others to attend.

The meeting will also discuss our projected next step related to the media.  We will talk about hosting a press conference that will discuss information related to an officer knowing who actually shot King Jay in 2008.   False information is coming up as a result of the court proceedings, and the public needs to be informed. (more…)

Media Literacy, News Digest, and Report-Back from Trial — Week One

From ALKQN Support

On Monday, October 22, the NC Latin Kings federal racketeering criminal trial began at the Middle District courthouse in downtown Winston-Salem. Seven Hispanic men face judgment from a sixteen-person jury composed of black people and white people. Some defendants wore ill-fitting suits donated by the NC ALKQN Legal Defense Coalition. (more…)

Daily Updates On The NC Latin Kings’ Trial

The best news source we’ve found so far on the Latin Kings’ trial is on the YES! Weekly Blog. So far they have been updating it daily. Rather than reposting everyday of the trial here we recommend that you check there.

Also, writing letters of encouragement would be super helpful right now.

Mailing Addresses for Letters:

Forsyth County Detention Center

201 N. Church St.

Winston Salem NC, 27101

Jorge Peter Cornell (King Jay)

Russell Lloyd Kilfoil (King Peaceful)

Randolph Leif Kilfoil (King Paul)

Samuel Isaac Velasquez (King Hype)

Irvin Vasquez (King Dice)

Carlos Coleman (King Spanky)

Ernesto Wilson (Yayo)

Government and defense present clashing views in first day of Latin Kings trial

From Yes! Weekly

The US government and defense attorneys for seven North Carolina Latin Kings members presented clashing characterizations of the organization, as a federal criminal racketeering trial got underway in Winston-Salem on Monday.

Assistant US Attorney Robert AJ Lang pledged to members of the jury that the government would prove that each of the defendants entered into a conspiracy by agreeing that they would individually commit criminal acts such as arson, robbery, kidnapping, bank fraud and the sales of narcotics. He told the jury that former members would talk about an organization “that was ruled by violence and fear” by leader Jorge Cornell, AKA King Jay; about beatings, or “physicals,” meted out for violation of rules; about an enterprise with a “robust symbology” of manifestoes, hand signs, salutes, clothing and rituals”; and about acts of retaliation against rivals and former members alike.

“The Latin Kings’ colors are gold and black,” the prosecutor concluded. “Often gold by day and black by night.”

Michael Patrick, Cornell’s public defender, told the jury there was no question his client was the leader of the North Carolina Latin Kings. But he said they would hear evidence from defense witnesses at odds with the picture created by the government. He told them they would hear from a school board member who appointed Cornell to the school safety committee who would testify that the defendant gave names of middle-school aged wannabe Latin Kings to school officials so they could deter the youngsters; from various community members who were helping Cornell set up a temporary labor agency to provide jobs to ex-felons; from college professors who invited the defendant to speak to their classes; and from pastors who would testify that he helped broker a peace pact between street gangs.   (more…)