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The Final Straw: ALKQN

This weeks show features 2 interviews. The first is with Savanah, an anarchist working on solidarity with members of the North Carolina tribe of the Almighty Latin Kings & Queens Nation. ALKQN members are facing RICO charges in Federal Court. The trial begins October 22nd, 2012. More info can be found at alkqnsupport.com

The second part of the show, we speak with Jeremy, an Anarchist who was invovled in copwatch in the South Barton Heights neighborhood in the north of Richmond, Virginia. Jeremy asserts that he faced increasing harassment and eventually imprisonment for being a vocal and visible proponent of holding cops accountable and spreading the practice of copwatching. For more about Richmond CopWatch, check out wingnutrva.org


NC Latin Kings Pre-Trial Update

From ALKQN Support

Tuesday, October 9th we had the pleasure of seeing our dear friends and co-defendants of the struggle.  The motions hearing went as well as could be expected with small victories hear and there.  There seems to have been some shake ups and confusions regarding law, being a lawyer, and doing “go work” on both sides of the bench. (more…)

Fundraiser For NC Latin Kings in Greensboro

From Capitalist Press

GREENSBORO — The Rev. Joseph Frierson wants to see justice served.

But justice, he said, is not what the federal government is pursuing in its racketeering case against Jorge Cornell and other local members of the Latin Kings.

“We are not saying that wrong things did not happen,” Frierson said. “But Jorge was not the root cause of that. What Jorge was doing was taking young men and women who had been battered and bruised by life’s journey and seeking to transform them into individuals that added to the quality of life.”

Frierson will be among the local clergy, attorneys and other community leaders Sunday at Bethel AME Zion Church to show their support for Cornell and discuss the injustice they said he is facing. (more…)